Dear JDate,

cont-mt-stacey-steveThis is Steve. Stacey and I are married now and are very happy. My JDate username was Steve3529, and Stacey was NewDay2004. Here is a picture from our wedding day.

At our wedding, we showed a short video reenactment of how we met on JDate. It is a fun video showing Stacey browsing JDate with her girlfriends and then finally finding me. There really is an inside joke in the video in that all the guys she picks from JDate before coming to my profile were my best man and groomsmen in the wedding, which of course caught them by surprise at the wedding. That was fun. In fact, on one of the JDate profiles, we had a superimposed picture of my 12 year old nephew, James so it looked like he was on JDate, which made the joke even funnier. Even though it’s an inside joke for the people of our wedding, it’s a short, cute video.

Anyway, we’d be happy to be JDate advocates. Because I was always a computer guy, I was probably one of your first JDate members. I convinced many of my friends to be on JDate through the years. I always believed it was a great way to meet women, once more women realized that online dating was something they’d be interested in doing. I probably hold the record for JDate coffee dates. Starbucks should send me a thank you note. I had to drink a lot of cups of coffee, and I had a constant caffeine rush, but I found my Stacey. It was worth it.

Stacey & Steve
Huntington Beach, California

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