You know what the Friend Zone is, right?

Friend Zone (n): A category for someone who has been characterized as not being romantic or sexual material by a person they are interested in. In the words of Biz Markie, the Friend-Zoned individual is truly “just a friend.”

So if you’re trying to get on someone’s radar as a potential love interest (rather than be caught in the Friend Zone), use the following tips.

1. Be Assertive

Now is not the time to be shy! Shyness can be viewed as, “Oh, he just wants to be my friend,” and trigger someone to put you in that dreaded “Friend Zone” category. Someone who is assertive (but not rough) will show a potential love interest that he or she wishes to be more than friends.

2. Touch

Touch the person! Don’t be rude or inappropriate, of course, but touching his or her side, neck, arm, etc. shows you would like to move past the casual nature of friendship. Touch also establishes a more personal and intimate relationship.

3. Eye Contact

Make direct eye contact. There is something about locking eyes with someone that takes the connection to another level. However, don’t stare so much that you creep out your date. It’s a tough line to toe, but if you watch their reactions and social cues, you should get the hang of it.

4. Make A Real Date

This is not the time to ask for a casual hang or a group date. This is the time to step it up and schedule your first official date. It should be so obviously a date that they don’t need to question whether it’s romantic in nature. But if, by chance, your love interest inquires about whether it’s really a date, say yes. Let it be known that you are interested. What do you have to lose? If he or she says no, at least you asked. It’s better than never finding out or, even worse, being Friend Zoned when you two may have had a shot together.

5. Flirt

Do a little flirting. Compliment her. Ladies, lean in close and play with your hair – if you aren’t already doing that. Did you know that’s a subconscious signal that you want to mate with someone? Well, now you know.

6. Be Honest

You don’t have to proclaim your romantic interest from the first moment. But once you’ve planted the seeds by using the steps above, it’s best to just come out and say it. Put the ball in their court by telling him or her know that you’re interested in taking things to the next level.

Here’s the bottom line; you may be Friend-Zoned if there is no chemistry from the other side. These steps are by no means a guarantee, and you should respect his or her wishes regarding the nature of your relationship. But if you don’t try to make your intentions and interests known, you’ll never get a solid chance. So don’t wait any longer – just go for it!

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