I thought that title would get your attention!

So there I was in a higher end shoe store when a girl walked up with her boyfriend and a dress. She was trying to find a shoe to match her dress. Every shoe she picked up was higher than the last. The trendy platform stilettos that strippers have made popular add more than a couple inches to a woman’s height.

But here is the problem: this woman’s boyfriend was only a few inches taller than her as it was. With each shoe she tried on, she slowly reached eye level and then beyond. Suddenly she was taller than him! On one hand, she looked hot! Her legs were elongated, she was carrying herself straighter and you could see she felt great! And her boyfriend was definitely turned on by how hot she looked until he stood next to her in the mirror and saw that she towered over him. Suddenly his face fell. Did he prefer escorting this stunningly tall woman or did he prefer being taller and therefore giving him the sort of sense of being “the man”?

Each guy will answer this differently and each woman needs to decide what is more important to her as well. I like to wear a tall heel but I don’t like to be taller than my man. Some women don’t care, some men don’t care. But if you’re a woman like me, and your man isn’t tall enough for you to wear your teetering shoes, then you’re going to have to find a solution.

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