Dear Gems from Jen,

What should I do? We had three great dates and then he ran, but he  views my profile and I view his.  We do not live very far from each other, but we have nothing to bring us together other than this site. I like him, he must like me, otherwise why is he still looking at my profile? He has been married three times, I have only been once. This is nuts. What should Ido? I haven’t written to him in a while. I just see that he has looked at my profile.

Dear What to Do,

This man stood you up and ran. What is it you would like to do? Whether he looks or not, do you want to date someone who sounds as if he is afraid to make contact with you and is willing to stand you up? Make the decision that you don’t deserve to be treated in this manner and then you will have your answer on what it is to do. I have no idea why he is still looking, but he is.  It will make no difference to you once you decide that you deserve to date someone who treats you with respect and decency.  There are so many men on JDate who will treat you in the way everyone deserves to be treated; with decency and respect. Keep up the search and pay no attention to someone who does not have the courage to cancel a date.

Gems from Jen