Look, I know its tempting.  I know the curiosity might sometimes drive you mad.  I know you are even excited to talk to all the new potential dates you have.

But you need to stop checking your email so many times a day.

Especially those of you who have become more advanced at online dating and learned to successfully date people at will.

For starters, whether you are a guy or girl, popping up as logging in every hour will lower your value and make you look desperate. People who are attractive have lives outside the dating world and get around to their emails when they have a chance.

Second, you will find yourself slowly sitting at your computer day and night, endlessly writing emails.  This will lead to online dating fatigue.


Check your mail twice a day and that’s it!  Once in the afternoon.  Once late at night.  Respond to every email at once.  Then shut the computer, log off, and resist the temptation.

The benefits:

No matter how boring life gets, you will have something to look forward to twice a day!

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