For most of the country, winter can be a long, dreadful, depressing time.  Especially here in New York where the weather seems to go from one extreme to the other.

One day it is 30 degrees and snowing, the next day it is summer and time to break out those shorts!  I can’t stress enough how frustrating it is that the two best weather seasons, fall and spring, are almost non-existent here!  But I digress…

With summer comes great summer dating ideas and today’s suggestion is to bring your date to a concert.  This works especially well if you are dealing with someone who is clearly passionate about music in his or her profile.

This is a great date for two reasons.

1.  It is a fun, exciting date.  The goal of being a master at planning dates is to plan dates that are a cut above the rest of the crowd without having to break that wallet wide open and looking desperate to impress.

2.  The high energy, inflated sense of having a good time, and good feelings, will be carried over once the date is over.  The date may have ended days ago, but those good feelings will be permantly interconnected with you, leaving your date desiring a second date.

So hit up those concerts and rock it out.  And don’t forget that good night kiss.