The Supreme Court has made their ruling about health care, but we won’t hear about it until June. What if there was a Supreme Court for dating?

I once annoyed a date of mine by pulling up into her driveway and gently tapping the horn. Once. And not a big honk, mind you. I saw her image in the front window. We’d been out several times before; I’d called her en route letting her know I was running late for the movie. I was actually thinking the whole thing was kind of a sweet throwback to teens hooking up on a warm summer night. I opened the car door for her. In every other sense, I was the gentleman. But she was steamed. If I’d seen her with a “Honk if you love annoying me” bumper sticker, at least I would have had a clue. But again, it was a mini-toot, not a honk.

I’ll await your decision, Supremes.

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  1. I meditate every day. My path is usually to follow one true The almighty who produced us and definately will return in the foreseeable future.

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