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I was brand new to JDate and very apprehensive about online dating. After a few days on the site, Michael emailed me. It was July of 2009 and the subject of his email was: “My dream has come true.” Unfortunately, it took me 6 months to actually respond to his email. My apathy had grown with the frustration of dating in a singles-oriented city like Los Angeles. When I finally wrote back to Michael, he sent me a sweet note back and I decided to call him. We first spoke on November 20th, which happened to be his birthday. We spoke about our passion for music. He told me he had moved here to pursue a music career which immediately raised red flags for me; I have been a professional musician my entire life and the industry was dying. I was trying to pursue another career as a fitness trainer and I didn’t want to be seduced back into my former industry. We had arranged a date, but I emailed him a few hours before and cancelled explaining that dating another musician again was not what I was looking for. He emailed me back shortly and relieved my fears, explaining that he was also the CEO of his own software business. He said he really wanted to meet me and “wasn’t letting me off that easily.” Michael was so sincere and genuine that I arranged a quick date with him at Morel’s, a French Restaurant in the Grove. I was very nervous…to meet anyone. Michael was the first and only man I met on JDate. How could I have ever known that this man was to be my future husband just one year later?

My girlfriend accompanied me to the Grove as I had arranged with her to come “save me” from the date in 30 minutes if I felt no chemistry. As soon as I saw Michael I was so stunned. Here was this sexy, charming man that I was totally attracted to and could see myself with. We sat down, had a glass of wine and shared some appetizers. When my friend came by our table, I told her she could leave because I was in safe hands. I felt happy and the conversation just flowed. After our date I walked to my car and the night just felt magical. He immediately texted me, “I wish I could kiss you right now.”

Michael was very forthcoming with his feelings from the start. He was always open, affectionate and won me over with every text message and phone call. We were in constant communication. When he went away for New Years is when I think we really realized that we cared for each other. We missed each other so much. That is when he asked me to be his exclusive girlfriend; I was so excited. We waited to be intimate and really got to know each other as people.

Four months later on Valentine’s Day, we went to Yamashiro, a Japanese Restaurant in Hollywood and Michael gave me the sweetest cards declaring his love for me. We decided to move in together. It was totally romantic and I was so eager to share my life with this man. We got our own house two months later and started playing music together. Michael joined my old band Stimulator and I found myself being lured back into doing what I love best. My band then landed the theme song “Magic” for the Macy’s Campaign. Ironic, really, as Michael was obviously my magical good luck magnet.

Michael and I did tons of traveling in the next few months. We went to Japan and Thailand. We played festivals in Texas, and did a short musical tour together as a duo. It was a true Rock n’ Roll love story.

We went back to Yamashiro in December 2010 and Michael proposed to me. He was so cute! Everyone in the restaurant knew he was going to do it. Never in my life did I think I was going to meet such an incredibly sweet, romantic and beautiful man. He is my true soul mate.

In March of 2011, Michael and I will be married at the Soho House in West Hollywood. Our Wedding is appropriately titled “Susan and Michael – A Rock n’ Roll Love Story.” We are eternally grateful to JDate for helping us find each other.

Susan and Michael
Studio City, California

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