Dear JDate,

cont-mt-suzanne-bradBrad and I met on in July 2001. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other over the Internet and on the telephone. We officially had our first date on August 11,2001.

After dating for ten months, we moved in together. Shortly after the anniversary of our first date, Brad proposed and I happily agreed. Rather than a traditional wedding, Brad proposed that we run off to Italy in October and elope in Florence.

I have attached a picture of us in front of the Villa Cora where we had our luncheon and stayed for our wedding night.

October 16, 2002 (our wedding day) — We took a flower decorated horse drawn carriage into the center of town (Plazza Vecchio). On the way, the Italians and tourists took pictures, clapped their hands and yelled BELLISSIMO & CONGRATULATIONS as we rode by…

We were married in “La Salla Rosa” in the Plazza Vecchio which is a converted Castle. We got married in a castle, imagine that! The room was scarlet red with 14th century tapestries hanging on the walls, and a beautiful hand-blown glass chandelier from Murano hung from the ceiling. The Magistrate was right out of a storybook with his long coat and Italian colored sash hanging across his chest. It was unbelievable — the kind of wedding that all little girls dream of with their prince charming. I wish all those on JDate the best of luck, and may all your fairytales come true like mine did.

Suzanne & Brad
Los Angeles, California

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