Dear Gems from Jen,
A couple of questions from a middle-aged guy who’s new to JDate:
1.  How do you end a first date with a woman that you don’t intend to ask out again?
2.  How about with a woman who you might like to see again, but you are also planning on dating others you have corresponded with from JDate?  Certainly she will see you logging in and know you are still looking.

Dear E.,
Ending a date with someone you are not interested in seeing again tends to make all involved feel fairly uncomfortable.  However, from my own experience and perspective I greatly appreciate the honesty. If you have no intention of a second date let the woman know. It is all about the honesty and candor.  Of course tact is important here too. Just let her know you don’t feel a connection.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in stating the facts. It is much better to be up front, than to keep women guessing.
Secondly, if you are interested in dating someone that you met on JDate again there is no crime in continuing to look. Most people don’t fall in love at first sight. Keeping your options open is the only way to find what it is you are searching for. This is a dating website after all. If there has not been an exclusivity agreement made by both people involved, then in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with continuing to actively look on JDate. Good luck in your JDate search!
Gems from Jen