One thing I had to remind myself of recently is that it is critical to take note of behavior patterns from the very beginning.

There are often times when a first date goes pretty well.  The laughter is there.  The attraction is being built.  The person you are dating seems like a good girl.

But theres that one tiny little thing at the very end of the night that just keeps you wondering, “Hmmm, “I loved everything, but why did she say that?”  Or, “Why did she do that?”

These minuscule moments may have even bothered you.  For example, perhaps your date said something that seemed overly clingy for a first date, or came across as nagging.

Although this may have been a fleeting 10 second moment, these are critical moments to take into account.  Behaviors that only appear in small doses or flashes in the very beginning of knowing someone, only get worse and worse as time goes on.

So the next time you are on a date, do not just dismiss behaviors that seem small.  Take into account that observing behavior patterns early on could be very important down the road.