Are you in a relationship that seems to keep heating up and getting better and better? That’s great! There’s nothing like that feeling when new love starts to truly deepen into a solid connection. That being said, summer is coming up, and wouldn’t it be the perfect time for you to develop your relationship even further? You may have time off of work or perhaps “Summer Fridays,” and that extra time could be put to extra good use working on your relationship. This hot and sweaty summer might very well be the perfect time for you to deepen your connection by taking your relationship to the next level.

1. Go On A Road Trip Together

If you want to truly get to know this partner of yours, try taking a road trip! If you take the cross-country route, all that time on the road and sight-seeing will be a great way to further your bond with your partner while getting to know more about each other. This could even be the litmus test to see if you’re ready to move in together!

Taking a road trip to see longtime friends would also be a fun way to get quality time with each other. It will give the two of you the chance to introduce each other to important people in your lives that may not live close by. In a way, a road trip is roughing it, and seeing how your love responds to such a situation is a great way to gain new insight into this person.

2. Meet The Parents

If this person has a lot of potential to fit into your life long-term, summer may very well be the perfect time to introduce him or her to the family. Whether you have a great relationship with your family or not, letting your new and serious partner meet your family is another way of deepening the connection between the two of you and allowing him or her to truly get to know who you are and where you are from.

3. Move In Together

If this person has met all the important people in your life and truly feels like the right life partner for you, take the summer to finally move in together! The lazy days of summer would be a great way to unpack and get adjusted to each other without the hectic pace of the holidays or potentially frigid winter days in which no one wants to move an inch, much less a home.

4. Test Your Boundaries

If the two of you are peas in a pod, you could further the relationship by engaging in new hobbies this summer … without the other person! Doing new things as individuals and then bringing those new experiences into the relationship adds a new energy and perspective. Even better, it strengthens your own individual character, making you better partners in the long run. A good idea would be to choose something that maybe your partner is hesitant or nervous to try; this way, after you have enjoyed this hobby or activity, you can feel confident enough to introduce your love to the idea.

5. Be Romantic

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to take that romantic weekend away you’ve been talking about for a while now. Think tropics and islands. Think Europe. Think Paris. Take some time to unplug from technology and instead enjoy each other and the atmosphere is a fabulous way to strengthen your bond and spark a more intense connection.

Don’t worry if you can’t squeeze in everything on this list. Even just trying one or two of these experiences is sure to help take your relationship to the next level this summer.

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  1. Should you move in together? Statistics show that marriages have a better chance of success if the man and woman marry before they move in together.

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