On a Sunday night, Tanya was getting ready to head to bed after watching the Sunday night football game when she decided to log in to JDate. After about ten minutes, a message came on her screen from Sean. The two started talking and were hitting it off really well. Tanya gave Sean her number and Sean’s response was, “Don’t judge me; I have a New Jersey area code.” Being from Virginia, Tanya told him it was okay since she still has a Richmond, VA area code.

Sean and Tanya were texting that night and made plans to meet for dinner on Tuesday. They quickly realized they worked very close to each other (7 very short blocks to be exact). Sean asked if Tanya would go to Dos Caminos with him since they both figured out they love Mexican food! They also realized they both were the second to last stop on the same Subway line in NYC (just at opposite ends).

After dinner, the two did not want the night to end, so Sean suggested they go ice skating at Bryant Park, which was nearby. Tanya was scared their first date would end in a hospital due to a sprained ankle. Sean disagreed and promised he wouldn’t let her fall (little did he know she was falling for him). After minimal prodding by Sean, Tanya acquiesced and had a blast that night!

The two had such an amazing time ice-skating that they wanted to see each other again. That’s when Sean took Tanya to Capital Grille for their second date. After dating for about a month, the couple realized their families shared very similar names. Both Tanya and Sean have grandmas who are named Frieda, who both had children named Betty and Helen.

Today, they are “Team Seanya” (a name given to them by Tanya’s friend Mike). The name has stuck ever since and the two are truly an amazing team together.

Sean proposed to Tanya after dating for nine months while on vacation for Labor Day Weekend in Tampa, Florida. After the couple finished dinner and ordered dessert at Bern’s Steakhouse, Sean proposed to Tanya. She was completely speechless and whispered “yes.” Tanya was so surprised she couldn’t even finish her dessert and had to take it home to eat the next day.

Thank you!

Tanya and Sean
Forest Hills, New York

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  1. We are thrilled for them – and not only are they starting a new life together, but Tanya just joined our team at AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps.

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