I find it quite frustrating that even though I am a nice Jewish girl and I want what every nice Jewish girl wants –a nice Jewish boy, I am stigmatized because I have a tattoo, a big tattoo. I love my tattoo, and want to get another one. My frustration comes from people not even looking at my profile because of the tattoo on my picture, and it’s not something that I want to hide since it is so big. So, I was wondering if you had any advice for me – related to finding guys who can look past my tattoo or how to handle this topic when I’m just starting to meet someone?

Dear Tattoos,
Tattoos are a funny thing in the Jewish culture. I once spent an evening with a group of very observant Jews who were all covered, and I mean covered with tattoos. The work that had been done on their bodies was absolutely beautiful, but I kept thinking: they are all Jewish and highly observant, how is this possible?
I came to the realization that tattoos are very personal and definitely make a statement.  Whether right or wrong, that is up to each person to decide. You stated that you love your tattoo and you want another. Keep your picture exactly the way it is. Your picture represents who you are and the tattoo is a part of yourself. However, a tattoo does not define you as a person.
Those people who chose to skip over your profile based on your picture are obviously not looking at all of the qualities you have to offer. There are many Jewish people who do not find anything wrong with tattoos. Look at it like this: some people prefer blondes to brunettes, some prefer brown eyes to hazel eyes, some prefer tattoos and some don’t.  Keep your profile active and continue your search for a nice Jewish boy.
Gems from Jen