The Texan, The Brit and Customer Care

I tricked him. There, I said it.

In the delirium one experiences after watching two straight hours of infomercials at two in the morning, I decided to hop onto JDate and look at guys on another CONTINENT. Genius plan.

Having zero luck in my hometown of Dallas, Texas, I asked myself (please remember my sleep-deprived state): What would my IDEAL man be like?

Hugh Grant popped into my head. Momentarily pushing aside his dry heave-inducing behavior with the not so “Divine” Brown, the man makes me ROFLOL (roll on the floor, laughing out loud). That and I am such a sucker for a British accent. That’s it! I decided I must look at what these Brits have to say for themselves, if for nothing more than my own amusement, really.

Tea and crumpets, I was right! These men were FUNNY.

A few nights later, after a few more hours of being mesmerized by some type of Ginsu knife set…

Cut to genius plan, part deux.

I will list myself as living in the UK to see if any of these witty men write to me. I will admit in my first sentence I am indeed a liar and that, in fact, I reside near the home of JR Ewing; the Brits loved that show.

However, I forgot about trusty old customer care. They don’t approve essay changes for a couple of days, so poor James did not see my immediate confession. To him, I was just another bird who must live a few blocks away.

So James wrote to me. He made me laugh. He said he couldn’t wait for customer care to approve my essay as he hoped it would be as funny as the rest of my profile. Compliments get you everywhere in life, so I wrote him back to tell him that when customer care does finally approve my essay, he was not going to be a “happy chappy.”

The rest is actually pretty boring.

We emailed, we IM’d, we texted, we Skyped and we chatted, all battling the ferocious SIX hour time difference. We flew back and forth a few times. The Brit even gave up fish and chips for enchiladas and is now happily living in the good ole’ US of A with me and my Pekingese, Mogwai, who thinks he hung the moon.

As for me, I am one very grateful and lucky girl. Our first contact on JDate was at the end of 2007 and we’ve been married since August 10, 2010. Due to my brave father’s three year battle with a brain tumor, which he finally lost this March, we have not yet gone on honeymoon, so how could I not enter this contest?

We’d like to thank JDate, insomnia, Steve Jobs, the Atlantic Ocean…and customer care for bringing us together.

PS. I had James read this and give his feedback and he said, “You should put more in there about how wonderful I am!” He is still making me laugh.

Terri & James
Dallas, Texas 

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  1. I can’t think of a couple more deserving, so thrilled for you both and hope that your honeymoon provides you both with a wealth of happy memories and a fantastic time. Lots of love from the other side of the pond, cousin claudia xxx

    1. Claudia! I just now saw this. Only a few years too late! So sweet of you and I’m really getting a kick out of reading this all these years later!

  2. Awesome story. Witty, funny, cute, “real” and being that I have a
    “Brit sounding” accent (well kind of Brit but very English sounding), as well as feeling Terri’s frustration with “no stock in my area”, I just love this. Happy Honeymoon guys!

    1. That’s so kind of you to say and so glad you liked it! Crazy I’m only seeing all of this like 3 years late! ; )

  3. This story is so funny. And witty. And fabulous. And inspiring. You go, girl! Glad you won and have a great time!

    1. That is such a great compliment and very much appreciated. I’m only seeing this now (3 years later) so I figured hey, why not reply?! ; ) thank you!!

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