Dear JDate,
Hi there from deep, dark Africa. Just wanted to give you proof that even works out here.

Terry was the first date I went on via JDate. Guess I struck Gold first time out.

I’m a horse breeder/farmer and stuck out on my horse farm and vineyards, and Terry-Ann is a dental assistant living some 60 miles away from me, yet we met on JDate and got married on the 4th of September 2003.

Although she works in Town Terry, is a country girl at heart and was looking to meet somebody in the country, JDate put us together. She is mad about horses, and we have not spent a single moment apart since meeting, even her 3-year-old daughter rides with us. She is just about everything I ever dared dream about.

Together we are totally relaxed and so content that we hardly go out to meet other people, except to introduce each other to our friends, none of whom can believe how perfect we are for each other.

The best thing is she feels the same about me. We are just so happy that we felt we owed it you to say a big THANKS and to tell everyone that this computer dating is really great.

Wishing all the other singles out there the same happiness we have found.

Thanks big time!

Terry & Phillip
Fishhoek, South Africa

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