Going on a date that does not go nearly as well as we have hoped is a frequent occurence for online daters.  Heck, it is why blogs such as this even exist!  To help people vent, share, and discuss their problems.

So what do you do when you are on a date, the end of the night is here, and you know you will never ever see that person again.  The walk to the car or door can be beyond awkward.

Some guys walk girls they are not interested in back to their car or door to be polite, meanwhile the girl misinterprets this for her date trying to sneak in a kiss. 

Other guys DO walk their dates to the car with the hope of a kiss, meanwhile the girl is fearing for her life!

And sometimes neither party is interested and you both just want to go home as fast as possible.

So what’s the solution to avoiding the awkwardness that these last minute walks bring?

The answer….

There is none!

My two cents…

Say goodnight…

and  RUNNNN!!! =)

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