For those of you who have been reading this blog consistently, you are probably aware of a blog I wrote in which I performed a little experiment on how many messages a beautiful girl would receive.

To rehash, a beautiful friend of mine made a profile on another site, was wearing a bikini, and received over 100 messages in an hour.

After this little experiment, which didn’t surprise me at all to say the least, I decided to try another little experiment.  The same girl agreed to create another profile, only this time, she was not wearing a bikini, but was dressed much more business like, with her hair up, and less makeup.

Same beautiful girl, different looks.

The results?  Less than half of the messages in the same time frame!

This once again re-enforces the fact, men are visceral creatures!  It may seem unfair ladies, but if you want to attract men, your profile pictures have to draw them in!