Recently I did a rather interesting experiment; the results weren’t all that surprising.  We all know online dating is one of the greatest inventions to come our way, allowing us more opportunity than anyone in past generations has ever had.  But we also know that for a guy, there is a ton of competition!

So I wanted to put this theory to the test.  As a little experiment, a beautiful friend of mine and I created a profile for her on an online dating site and set out to see just how many messages she would receive.

Keep in mind that she is a very beautiful girl and she was placed in a bikini in the main picture.

Would you believe me if I said that she received over 100 messages in the first hour?  I kid you not.

And while this is an extreme example, due to a number of components, (she is very beautiful, was wearing a bikini, women are extremely visual), the results show that beautiful women are tough to attain.

This, once again, verifies why it is oh so important to learn the art of creating the perfect profile and mastering how to write messages that are funny, interesting and unique!