The nineteen blessings of the Amidah make up the core of the Jewish prayer service. The seventeenth blessing begins the final section of the Amidah, the section in which we express our gratitude to God. This blessing, which may appear similar to the preceding blessing requesting that God hear our prayers, is actually a request that God see our prayers as a replacement for the Divine sacrificial service that we are no longer able to perform.

R’tzay Ah’doh’nai Eh’lo’hay’nu b’amcha Yisrael oo’vit’fee’latam, v’hah’shayv et ha’avodah lid’veer baytecha, v’eeshay Yisrael oot’fee’latam b’ahavah t’kabel b’rah’tzon, oot’hee l’rah’tzon tah’mid avodat Yisrael ah’meh’cha. V’teh’cheh’zeh’na ay’nay’nu b’shoov’cha l’tzion b’rah’cha’mim. Ba’ruch Ah’tah Ahdoh’nai ha’ma’cha’zeer sh’chee’nato l’tzion.

Find favor, Lord our God, in Your people Israel and their prayer. Restore the service to Your most holy House, and accept in love and favor the fire-offerings of Israel and their prayer. May the service of Your people Israel always find favor with You.

And may our eyes witness Your return to Zion in compassion. Blessed are You, Lord, who restores His Presence to Zion.

–Translation reproduced with permission from The Koren Sacks Siddur,
© Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.

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