Seemingly, all things north of the border are heading south for the winter, and the Canadians have brought trendy to a whole new level with The Buried Life and certain musical feats that seem “tragically hip,” in the best sense of the word.  So with MTV sporting The Buried Life and airwaves sporting something akin to some sort of United Nations of music, it has quarter-life crisis kids from across the universe looking to exploit their individual life’s potential rather than waste away at a nine-to-five.  The same sentiment seems to have leaked into the love and lives of Los Scandalous residents everywhere.  And rather than wasting time pining over something that seems just far enough out of reach, Don Juans are turning into reformed rakes, trying to rendezvous with just their preferred of the thirty-one flavors instead of trying to taste them all. So, when the sweet situation gets a little too sinfully sticky, instead of jumping ship to the next flavor in the assembly line, boys are trying to clean up their act.

If The Buried Life teaches us anything, it’s that the bucket list is the same for everyone – even for beachy-keen boys from British Columbia.  Wouldn’t you rather stay with one sentimental sweetheart in lieu of lusting after a lady that tastes sweet for only the first five bites?  That which starts out sweet often turns sour, even before the expected expiration date.  Better to have loved and lost than gotten chewed out by some simple flavor of the week.