Color is a highly underrated styling tool when getting dressed for a date. Plus, wearing color is all about showing your personality: Are you fun? Creative? Inspired? Show it with your outfit!

Knowing what colors to wear on a date will make getting dressed not only easy, but also fun (it’s never a proud moment when you’ve thrown all your clothes onto the floor while looking for the perfect piece to wear)! Read on to discover an easy color palette that will add a punch to your look and ensure a smile from your date!

1. Red

It has been documented that seeing the color red can speed up the heart rate. A perfect tactic for a date, don’t you think? But beating hearts aside, wearing red on a date is sassy, daring and always sexy. Men love red! While a little red dress may be a bit too much on a first or second date, a hint of red is an easy way to give your date a “hint” of the real you.

Try a red blouse, red clutch, red patent heels or even a red lip (which is my personal favorite). Just don’t reapply it at the end of your date. Layer a strawberry gloss on instead for more kissable lips.

2. Coral

Universally fabulous on every skin tone, this miracle color can do wonders for tired skin. Wearing coral – whether it’s soft and sweet or punchy and bright – can make the natural rosy color in your cheeks and lips pop! Plus, this is a secret styling trick for more mature skin as it brightens up dull and tired skin. (Exfoliate right before and you really will be glowing!)

When wearing this ultra feminine color, it reads sweet, approachable and understandable. Mix a coral dress, skirt, skinny waist belt, or cardigan into your date outfit. You’ll be chic and sweet.

3. Turquoise & Teal

These are another set of colors that are universally fantastic on every skin tone. This green/blue variation has life, excitement and mass appeal.  Wearing turquoise not only stimulates your date, but it also makes you look tan. It’s a duel purpose color!

Try wearing your turquoise in a striped t-shirt for a casual date or in a draped knit top. The bold color will brighten up your look, while the drape of your top will be the perfect touch of style for a fitted skirt, or even skinny jeans.

4. Berries & Jewel Tones

A bit more serious in the date night color tones, the berries and jewel tones are deeper and sultrier than the rest of your must-wear colors. These naturally occurring colors also work well on fair skin tones too!

Deeper tones like amethysts and rubies are great for wrap dresses and edgy jackets, where as the lighter berries make for great blouses and skirts!  Think understatedly sexy – these rich colors will radiate to your date without making a scene.

5. Cobalt

Consider this color your new denim, black and navy alternative. It’s bold, it’s fresh, it’s strong, and it’s fun! Cobalt gives a cool, oceanic punch that can be effortlessly added to your look.

Think about replacing your denim with a pair of cobalt cigarette pants.  Wear with flats for a day date and heels for the evening. They are casual enough to wear with a t-shirt, yet versatile enough to pair with heels, a blouse and a cropped blazer. Plus, boys naturally gravitate toward the color blue, which makes cobalt the perfect shade to stand out on your date.

Named “LA’s go-to stylist” by the Los Angeles Times in 2012, certified image consultant and personal stylist, Laurie Brucker of LaurieBstyle LLC, is the stylist for real people. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising from Indiana University and a certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for Image Consulting, Laurie was hand-picked as a top stylist in 2011 to represent Stacy London from TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Keeping style very personal, Laurie has developed the “Style Strategies for Success,” which empowers her clients with the tools, techniques and art of creating your own unique sense of style that’s right for you!
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