It doesn’t happen often…but when it does it is a euphoria like no other. Everyone has their own private “happy dance”…when the stars feel aligned and the current romantic interest is new and hopeful.  My friend shared that for him it’s the hugging of a pillow with sweet thoughts of that special person.  Well for me, it is more of a Flashdance-themed “Maniac” dance sequence usually taking place in the shower.  I can count on my hands the number of times it has happened…very seldom.  I know crazy… but isn’t that the best part the uncontrollable euphoria? What is your dance?

Continuing with places to meet people this summer #48 Club Med – checking all your stress and worries at the curb allows people to let go and really enjoy life.  I met one of the most special people there who is still one of my closest friends ‘til this day.