Being in a healthy relationship makes everything in life not only easier, but also better. Last May I began a relationship with a woman that I met on JDate, and during most of the time we were together I felt imperious and on top of the world. If I had a problem we talked about it. After a long day we went out and my stresses melted away. I always had someone to go out with on the weekends, and man did we have fun together! She just had a way of bringing out the more social, fun side of my personality that often needs to be coaxed out of hibernation.

Unfortunately, after about three months of intense dating, an insurmountable issue came between us, and we decided the best thing to do was break up before things got more serious. After our split I knew that it was important that I take a little time before getting back onto the dating scene, and decided to wait until I was completely ready to put myself back out there before dating again. However, since that time, even though I have been consistently dating, I’ve gone out on over a dozen first dates with only one yielding a second.

After most of the dates I wasn’t interested in going out again, but there have been a few when I’ve asked for a second date only to be gently turned down. While I can’t say that this reject felt very good it wasn’t anything that was going to deter me from going out and trying to meet women. Although recently I went out on a first date with a woman I met on JDate and, in spite of our having a good time, she turned down my request for a second date. Her response was that she had a great time but that she “just didn’t quite feel it,” and therefore didn’t want to go out again.

Through no fault of hers I was honestly very frustrated when she didn’t want to go out again because I felt really good about her and how our first date went. After her rejection, for the first time since last August, I strongly considered taking a break from, not only online dating, but also trying to meet women in general. Ultimately, after talking with a good friend of mine, I decided to give it a little more time, but deep down I know that I really need something positive on the dating front to happen soon or else I’m gong to need to take some time off.