The other day one of my close guy friends and I were discussing the current happenings in our dating lives. He had recently met someone and, though it was early, he had a bounce in his step and seemed to be diving-in with a solo focus. On the other hand, I was taking it a little more steady; going for the slow-burning-candle approach, truly taking the time to “date” and getting to know the person without jumping to any immediate conclusion or into an exclusive relationship (albeit that is my goal).

As it turns out this time, the intense fire burnt out for my friend and, well, my candle is still steadily burning for the time being.  What does this mean? Absolutely nothing! It is just a different course.  I told my friend – who now seemed to think my path was the way to go after his disappointment – when it is the “right” person the approach is pretty irrelevant.  The one benefit of the slow burning candle is that it allows for clarity, trust and organic development.  And that is huge in my dating world.