JDate is a mitzvah.  Not because I blog for them, but because I know many many people who, had it not been for JDate, would not have met their Beshert.  Most Jewish singletons at some time or another have used JDate as a resource to meet people.  The tricky navigation is what happens if you actually meet someone on JDate that you like…the inevitable question on both persons’ minds are-“Are they still logging on and cyberspace shopping?”  If their interest is genuine, why would they log on?  My friend Adam (names have been changed to protect the innocent), was quite stunned when after a “great” date with a little action, he was notified by his buddy that his date from last night logged on before the sun rose the next morning.  What does this mean?   NOTHING.  There can be a number of reasons why someone may log on.  Of course, common sense may suggest that if you have a really good time on the date, ride the wave and see where it goes and be respectful as everyone knows the Internet is like “Big Brother.”  But, since everyone does know that, the bottom line is to not put much credence into whether someone logged into JDate; positively or negatively.  If you meet on the site and have been on one or two dates, you may be setting an unrealistic expectation.  There is no replacement for communication to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  I wouldn’t go writing a quality person off just because he/she logged onto JDate the next day, nor would I be planning a wedding.  I don’t believe there is a correlation between one’s feelings and intentions and logging on in the beginning stage of a courtship.  Early communication however, can alleviate any awkwardness that social media presents, both good and bad.