It is often difficult for me to plan and go out on dates during our season since work takes up so much of my time and I often work late and travel a lot. However, with the end of season this past weekend, I finally will have more time to devote to my personal life. It’s not that I am incapable of having a personal life during the season – it’s just hard to begin a relationship when I can’t commit the time and energy to it that I know is necessary in order to get it off the ground.

Even though it may seem strange, or even ridiculous, to some who read this, with the end of the college basketball season comes the start of “Dating Season” (if you will) for me. During the off-season my schedule is more flexible and comes closer to resembling that of what most people are accustomed to, and even though I can’t force a relationship to begin during the next few months I am excited about the opportunity to ramp up my efforts. 

With the knowledge that once next season starts it’s going to be hard to date unless it’s with someone I already have developed a strong foundation with, I know that during the off-season it is imperative that I actively try to meet women and go out on dates. This past season I learned firsthand how difficult it is to have so much of your time and energy devoted to work without having anyone special in your life to balance it out, and this is something that I’m going to do all I can this off-season to ensure doesn’t happen again next year.