Trying to figure out quickly if your date is a potential keeper?  With some keen observation, A LOT of information is revealed during that first (or possibly last meal).

-Does your date take their time reviewing the menu and processing, or are they quick to order?

-Does your date treat the server with kindness; address the server by their name? *In my book this is huge and, at times, a sign of how they treat people in general.

-Does your date offer to share whatever they ordered?

-Does your date use their cell/BlackBerry during the meal – a total turn off?

-Upon receipt of the check, does your date (whomever asked for the date) take the check and move it to their side rather than the check hang uncomfortably in the middle?

-Does your date offer to assist with the check?

-Does your date offer you the seat with the atmospheric view?

These are just a few things, but much can be revealed about your date within the hour of that first meal.

Bon Appetit!