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Aries, the transiting Sun (your life force) is in your solar 9th house of travel, education, and learning. Since Aries always want to jump in and explore things FIRST, the energy this month is absolutely encouraging you to do that! You’re the brave one of the zodiac and you’re meant to explore and come back to tell all of us what you’ve found! Meanwhile, Mars (energy and drive) is transiting through Capricorn which is your solar 10th house of career. Is it possible to travel for business? Perhaps you can convince your boss that yes, you must to travel to Europe in order to grow the company! AND since the Sun is in the 9th house, perhaps a blog about your visit as well (the 9th house rules publishing in all forms) would seal the deal! Think big this month and the energy just may carry you to lands new and far… and getting paid to do this will be the icing on the cake. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Bon Appetite!

Taurus the transiting Sun (your life force) in your solar 8th house of intimacy puts the focus this month on all things… deeeeep! Intimacy, trust, sharing… you get the idea. With the sun’s energy shining brightly on that area of your life, you are being asked to move away from solely thinking about yourself to thinking about you and your partner; meaning merge with the one you love. Even if you aren’t in a committed relationship and are still looking for that someone special, it’s important to be able to open yourself up to love by letting your guard down and being vulnerable on your dates. The 8th house is where we merge with another on a deep level, so having an open heart is the only prerequisite to attracting that real love you so desire. I know it sounds scary as we’ve all been hurt, however, this is your chance to put the past behind and let transformation of all kinds happen for you!

Gemini, Mercury (communication and your chart ruler) is finally moving in a direct motion. I know that last month was kind of hectic for you and communication was at times confusing. Well, the good news is that December is here and Mercury, and all your other planets, are ready to move forward at lightning speed… just the way you like it.  AND just in time for the holidays! You’ll be happy to know that Mercury is in Sagittarius and in your solar 7th house of committed relationships. If you are currently with a long-term partner, it’s a good time to really talk things out and make sure you’re on the same page. If you are single, this is a good energy for meeting someone special as it favors partnering up. But yes, still with some freedom as you are a Gemini and Mercury is in freedom-loving Sagittarius. Communication and freedom are the themes for you this month. If you’re really lucky, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll meet the right partner that will give you both. The twins are happy now, aren’t they?

Cancer, on December 15th Venus (love and money) will enter Sagittarius where it will be in your solar 6th house of health and work. Venus in Sag will be asking you to move out of your comfort zone and come out of your shell, not just a little… but a lot! Have fun, play, travel, and explore. Do something you’ve been afraid of doing and do it with enthusiasm, and laughter for that matter! On December 22nd, when the transiting Sun (your life force) moves into Capricorn, it will be shining brightly in your solar 7th house of committed relationships. When combined with the full moon in Cancer on December 28th, lots of activity will be brewing! Let’s just say that new beginnings are definitely possible. Translation….ring in the New Year with a new partner? On a scale of 1 to yes, the results are most likely…YES!

Leo, take advantage of the beginning of the month while the transiting Sun (your chart ruler and your life force) is still in your solar 5th house of romance. An added bonus… there’s a lot on your side this month! Mercury (communication) is now direct and is going back through this house as well. If that’s not enough, on December 15th when Venus (love and money) enters Sagittarius, it will be moving through this house as well. Translation: Leo, this is YOUR house. It’s the house of fun, romance, love, and creative self-expression. I can bet that this month will be pretty amazing for you. Sing loud and proud, and make sure to open your heart because there is someone out there waiting… just waiting… to receive your love! And if there’s one thing I can bet on, it’s that you know how to love… big time!

Virgo, Mercury, your chart ruler, is now direct and moving back through your solar 4th house of home and family. Sound familiar? Yes, it was there not too long ago. As it goes back through this house in your chart, it’s important to use the energy to help yourself grow. Besides home and family, the 4th house is also your roots and your foundation; as Mercury is your chart ruler, this brings extra emphasis to it as well. Use this time to rework the foundations of who you are. Make sure your self-esteem is at an all-time high and strong before you move forward. This is the key to everything in life. Not to worry though, things will start to feel lighter after December 21st when the transiting Sun moves into your solar 5th house of romance and FUN! Just in time for the New Year… should we start the countdown to your new love right now? 5, 4, 3, 2,…

Libra, communication of all forms is the theme for you this month as it starts off with the transiting Sun (your life force) in your solar 3rd house of… yes, communication. On December 10th, Mercury (which yes, again you guessed it, represents communication) will move into this house as well. To top it off, on December 15th Venus (love and money) will join the rest of the team there as well. The reason I’m pointing all this out is very clear. And the important thing is that Mercury is no longer retrograde. Talk, talk, and more talk is your middle name. And with all these planets being in Sagittarius, it’s about getting to the truth of the situation. The New Year is almost here and wouldn’t it be nice if you could start off on a clean slate? Empty everything from your mind this month and you’ll feel lighter and happier when that ball drops. Congratulations and happy New Year!

Scorpio, there’s a lot going on for you at the start of the month already! But of course, I know you wouldn’t have it any other way! The month begins with Mercury (communication), Venus (love), Saturn (discipline), AND the north node (life direction) all in Scorpio and all in your solar 1st house of SELF! If that didn’t catch your attention, not sure what will! Start off the month focusing a little more on yourself and as you build momentum, you can start to shift your energy outward. However, make sure you build the foundation first so that you are grounded and stable to take on the New Year. The transiting Sun is currently in your solar 2nd house and asking you to get in touch with your values and your self-worth. This I know you can do! As long as you take care of yourself and really value your worth, it will be reflected back to you in the form of… can we say… a hot, new partner? Yes. We. Can!

Happy birthday Sagittarius! Before you enter the New Year, it’s time to clean your karmic closet again and, lucky for you, it’s happening right now. Venus (love), Mercury (communication) and Saturn (discipline and structure) are all in Scorpio and transiting through your solar 12th house of your subconscious and your past… past lives? Yes, of course! With all this energy going on in Scorpio, it’s bound to get intense. Make sure you are using all this energy for the highest good by getting rid of the junk (physically and emotionally) once and for all. With the New Year approaching, it’s time to ask, do you want more for your life? If the answer is yes, then please pass go and collect $200… and you will do so with a clean slate. There is so much more out there waiting for you, but you have to aim your arrow in the direction first. You’re the archer; I know it can be done!

Capricorn, just like your friend Sagittarius, this month is about clearing the old, however, for you this will be happening later in the month. The transiting Sun (your life force) will be in your solar 12th house of the subconscious and the past, and after December 15th, Mercury (communication) and Venus (love and money) will be joining the team as well. All this energy happening in your solar 12th is pushing you forward, but first you need to clear out the old to make way for the new. Make sure to get this done by December 28th when the full moon in Cancer will be opposing your natal sun. Full moons are times of letting go. Do you see the theme here? Let go, and let it be, and after the 28th new energy can find its way to you. I sense that 2013 is going to be great for you. Just give it some time… energy can move slowly at times, but the point is that it’s definitely moving!

Aquarius, the first half of the month for you begins with a focus on your career. Aim high and you will achieve great things. Make sure you are speaking clearly about what you want and that you are thoroughly valuing your talents because when you do, that is when the money will flow more freely. By mid-month the focus will shift to your friends, networking events, groups, and long-term goals. It’s time to put work aside for a bit and focus on the bigger picture in your life. What are your personal goals and how can your friends help you get there? We all need people to lean on, and towards the end of Hanukkah is when your friends are going to show you the love you have been giving to them. Remember, this IS the season for giving, so open your hearts to others and you will receive the love right back at you.

Pisces, the emphasis is on your career and status right now. At the beginning of the month the transiting Sun is in your solar 10th house, which is ruled by your career sector. It’s time to really shine your energy at work so that you can shine even brighter than you have in the past. By mid-month Venus (love and money) and Mercury (communication) will ALL be in your solar 10th as well. With the looks of all that energy, it could mean a new job for you or, if you stay at your current one, a promotion could be in order! Just the right energy to ring in the New Year and don’t forget to count all your gelt that you’re going to get. The question is how high can you count?

Danielle Paige is a writer, astrologer, and healer who is passionate about helping people understand the energies they were born under and using them to live the life they’ve dreamed of. This column is meant for entertainment purposes and to give a general overview of each sign. For an in-depth, personalized reading on your own birth chart, which will help you gain insight into your love life, career, money, your strengths, soul’s purpose, and even your karmic past, you can contact Danielle at
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