Aries, since you’re ruled by Mars (planet of action), it’s only fitting that we discuss how this planet will be affecting you over the next month.  While still in retrograde motion and traversing through your solar 6th house of work, service, and health/fitness, I thought I would ask a serious question…are you ready to jump in your bathing suit right now? Exaaaaactly! Too many noshes, not enough work outs? Sounds about right on my end. Time to rethink your day-to-day schedule. Is it working for you? Have you been thinking about making changes to your eating habits? Time to focus on what you want, and when Mars goes direct on April 14th, I expect to see all of you rocking your new bodies at a Vegas pool party. She said what? Yup, no pressure. No Jewish guilt either if you can’t make it…really, it’s fine…


Guess what, Taurus? You know that date you went on a loooong time ago and you had a great time, but they never called? (Oops my bad, that was mine…but I’m sure you can relate). Well, I’m here to tell you that you just may be hearing from them again! Can you hear me now? With Mars retrograde traveling through your solar 5th house of love and romance, they may be back for a part deux. Let’s just hope that it turns out better than Legally Blonde 2 and Caddyshack II – you know what I’m talking about, Willis! But remember, with Jupiter in your sign, anything is possible. Sometimes a second chance at love is just what the docta ordered!


Not so fast, Gemini. Just when you thought Saturn was about to leave your solar 5th house of romance, love, and fun, it looks like it’s going to be turning retrograde on February 7th. What does this mean for me? What does this mean for me? Well, to address both of you at once, this means it’s time to get more serious about your dating life. While Saturn has been in this house for quite some time now, you may have been feeling the heaviness that’s connected to Saturn. Translation: dating life not so pimpin’ as you would have liked. When it goes retrograde it’s time to really ask yourself, “What do I want from love? Do I want to keep dating for fun, or am I ready to find something more meaningful?” Either way, there is no wrong answer; it’s just up to you to ask yourself the question, and hopefully you both can agree on your next steps.


Cancer, you have so many amazing qualities that are innate to your sign. You are the nurturer of the zodiac and can make anyone feel at home. However, this month let’s make sure you are not overdoing it with your precious gifts. Yes, they are beautiful and special, but that doesn’t mean that everyone deserves them from the start. The right person will recognize this in you, and there will be an equal give and take. Cancer, your dating motto should be: give as much as you receive. Go ahead, ask yourself if this is happening, and if the answer is no, then it’s time to rein yourself back in and love yourself first before you give your love out to everyone else. It’s never a bad thing to send out love, however being as sensitive as you are, I’m just looking out for you, Cancer. This public service announcement was brought to you by all the Jewish mothers of the world.


Hear ye, hear ye, (trumpets playing in the background). All rise for the king and queen. Oh, hi Leo, I figured it was you. Who else would have an entrance like that? Good news, the transiting north node is in your solar 5th house of romance, love, and creativity. What does this mean, silly Astrology lady? Well, since you asked…wherever the north node is transiting is the area of life that our soul needs to concentrate on in order for us to grow (spiritually, not taller…sorry…I tried) in this lifetime. And since it’s in your solar 5th house, you get a double dose of FUN – Leo “owns” the 5th house. You’re the ring leader of fun, games, and creativity. Shine your light, show everyone how playful you can be, and work on that creative project you’ve been putting off for a while. It’s time!


Virgo, Mars is retrograde in your solar 1st house, and this means…it’s all about you! Time to do some internal work (ugh, I know that sounds so “emotional” for an earth sign). Bit, guess what? By doing so, your partner will be drawn to you. Yup! Don’t thank me (well, you can) but it’s the law of attraction. Time to ask yourself, what do you want? What needs to change? However, just don’t think *too* much about it because we know how detailed and analytical you can get. Think big picture. Channel your inner Sagittarius. What kind of partner do you want? Become the person that you’re looking for, and love will be reflected back to you. Your partner is always a reflection of yourself, so make sure you like what you see when you look in the mirror. Wow, that was deep. I feel like we should hug now…but strange…because…we. don’t. even. know. each other…


Libra, Saturn is in your solar 1st house, and it will be turning retrograde on February 7th. This month it’s time to hone in on that balance between you and your partner and get serious with your life. Sorry, Saturn IS the taskmaster of the zodiac, and he is also our karmic responsibility. With it going retrograde in your solar 1st house, it’s your responsibility to focus on everything that you’ve been putting off. Yes, even organizing your sock drawer (although I’m 99% positive the sock monster ate half of them in the dryer anyway). Yikes. Back to Saturn which is all about hard work, but before you get all verklempt (happens to the best of us), Saturn also always promises great rewards when you do your work. So after you’ve taken enough time for yourself, you just may happen to find yourself taking a spa day or locking yourself in your man cave for a while – whatever makes you happy. By the end of the month you will have definitely earned it!


Scorpio, have your emotions been running high lately? Mercury is squaring the early degrees of Scorpio, and this could temporarily lead to confusion when having heart to heart conversations with your love. However, it’s time to get to the core of what you’re both thinking. Deep, emotional sharing is what you excel at! It’s time to use your gifts to influence your partner to share their feelings with you or…to convince them to take you on vacation. (What? Did I say something wrong?) Either way you’re definitely in charge of your own fate, and that’s a good thing because, of all the signs, you are well equipped to handle the ride and take charge of any situation that calls for it. You’re the ruler of the island –we’re all just hoping we don’t get voted off. No whammy, no whammy, no whammy. Stop!


Hey Sagittarius, I’ve got something exciting for you – just the way you like things! Venus (love and money) will be cozying up to Uranus (revolution, shock, and surprises) in your solar 5th house of love and romance. Get ready; it’s going to be a wild ride for sure! With the square to Pluto adding another level of depth you may come face to face with a lover from the past…even a past life if you are so lucky! The Venus and Uranus conjunction creates energy that will be nothing short of…one word… electric! (Umm, sign me up please!) Uranus is known to bring change, and I can say with certainty that it will be different and better than anything you’ve experienced before. Again, why are you always so darn lucky?


Capricorn, this Valentine’s Day could be filled with romance and fun or just lots of cookies and chocolate…all eaten by you of course. Jupiter is in your solar 5th house and since this planet rules abundance it’s up to you if you want to eat the entire box of chocolates or give them away to your honey. I’m gonna guess it’s the former…hopefully we are all on the same page. Jupiter is also your karmic luck, so it never hurts that it’s slowly transiting through your house of romance and will be there for a while longer. This is good for you since you like to take your time and plan accordingly. Now serving number 29084903023.


Happy birthday, Aquarius. It’s your time to shine! Mercury (planet of communication) is transiting through your sign and will be making a conjunction to your natal sun. Since we already know how intuitive you are, Uranus being in your solar 3rd house of communication will only enhance your flashes of brilliance. Got ideas? I’m sure you do. Speak your mind, and while you’re at it, scream it from the rooftops. The world is waiting to hear and utilize your progressive concepts. When it comes to love, don’t hold back. There’s someone out there just waiting to meet someone just like you, and they too are sick of all the ordinary John/Jane Does out there…or Doe-bergs for that matter! Spice it up; your JDate profile has been wanting a new makeover anyway, right?


Pisces, we already know that you sense emotions on a different level…more so than others and probably without even realizing it, however, here’s the deal. You’re gonna get even more in touch with your spiritual side over the next several years. Say what? (Oh no, she didn’t! Oh yes, she did). But this month is a biggie as Neptune, your ruling planet, comes home to your sign of Pisces. If this was a relationship, we’re talking big time commitment since it’s going to be there for 14 years!  Since it’s a slow moving planet people born in early Pisces are going to have this planet conjuncting their sun for…let’s just say a long time. Dreams, healing, spirituality, yes please! You might as well bask in those rose colored glasses…just make sure you have your feet planted firmly on the ground because your head will definitely be in the clouds. Pre-nervous breakdown alert: This is NOT a bad thing, though, because your daydreams give you access to the answers that your logical mind cannot. See, you like me again, don’t you?

Danielle Paige is a writer, astrologer, and healer who is passionate about helping people understand the energies they were born under and using them to live the life they’ve dreamed of. This column is meant for entertainment purposes and to give a general overview of each sign. For an in-depth, personalized reading on your own birth chart, which will help you gain insight into your love life, career, money, your strengths, soul’s purpose, and even your karmic past, you can contact Danielle at
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