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Aries, the beginning of the month starts off for you with six planets in Pisces in your solar 12th house of the subconscious. Let me guess, lots of stuff going on in your psyche these days? Yes, that’s probably the case, and the energy is allowing you to bring up old conditioning patterns and finally let them go! On March 12th Mars (motivation, drive) moves into your sign, which means it will be in your solar 1st house of self. Not that you are one who needs any motivation, however, this burst of energy will feel like an extra shot of espresso in your morning coffee! When Mars meets up with Uranus (revolution) on the 22nd, expect things to get even more exciting. However, since we know you like to rush into things…yes, it’s true…it would be wise to look before you leap!

Taurus, good news! Since Jupiter turned direct in January it has been moving through your solar 2nd house of income! From now until the end of June, Jupiter (which expands what it touches) will be adding its karmic gifts to your pot of gold! Transiting Saturn (discipline) just turned retrograde and is in your solar 7th house of committed relationships. In this place, Saturn is asking you to define what you need in a partnership. This energy will be doing everything it can to make sure you get your lessons. But don’t worry because Saturn is the glue that holds things together — and if you make it through this period of Saturn in your solar 7th house and come out with a partner — they could be in it for the long haul!

Gemini, Jupiter (expansion) is moving direct through your solar 1st house of self and brings with it positive energy on many levels! March is also jam-packed with six planets moving through your solar 10th house of career. This is an excellent combination because with Jupiter expanding your image and a stellium of planets in your solar 10th, it can create momentum for you to make a difference at work or with your long-term career goals. Speaking of work, as I mentioned the previous month, Saturn is in your solar 6th house of day to day work. A good way to utilize this energy is to lay the foundation of your dreams. Ask yourself where you see your career going, and then make sure your daily activities are in sync with the overall picture. As always, you’re welcome and you’re welcome!

Cancer your solar 9th house has all the activity this month with six planets in Pisces! As they move through your solar 9th, it’s a good time to take a peak and move outside your Cancer shell that you know can keep you safe and comfortable, but…sometimes sheltered. Travel, explore new horizons, learn a new language, just try something new – anything that moves you beyond your current boundaries and allows you to look at the world through a new set of lenses. It’s about gaining wisdom and understanding so that you can apply it to your everyday life. It’s important to note that Mercury (communication) is currently retrograde and with it being in your solar 9th house as well, I would wait until it goes direct (on March 17th) before you voice your opinion on any of your new findings. Just my professional two cents, but know that it can save you a lot of apologizing in the long run. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to spread the joy after the 17th!

Leo, lots of activity happening this month in your solar 8th house of intimacy, trust and joint resources. In fact, it’s currently packed so this means you have a lot of merging to do this month. In the beginning of the month there will be six planets moving through this house, and since these planets are all transiting through watery Pisces, you may be feeling like you’re in love… in fact you may be… in love with love! Yes, so many emotions, so little time. However, use this energy to express your love and affection for those close to you. Toward the middle of the month Venus (love) and the Sun (identity) will move into action-packed Aries, which will be a lot more your speed since Aries is a fire sign like you, Leo! You’ll be able to use this energy to take action in relationships! In the meantime, and especially until March 17th when Mercury goes direct, take the time to soak up all the emotional healing of Pisces. Enjoy!

Virgo, committed relationships are front and center for you this month! With six planets currently transiting through Pisces (which is your solar 7th house), attention needs to be focused on equal relationships. Now, this may be a little difficult to do since six planets in Pisces is very emotional, and especially with Mercury (communication) currently retrograde as well, there can be some confusion as to what is going on in your intimate relationships. Have no fear, this too shall pass. After March 17th when Mercury goes direct, things will start getting easier to understand. In the meantime, it’s best to surrender and allow your heart to open, tap into your creative abilities, and hey… if you really feel like it, channel your love for your partner into some poetry! That’s a definite way for a grounded and down-to-earth Virgo to tap into the higher octave of all this Piscean energy! Wherefore art thou….

Libra, at the beginning of the month it’s a good idea for you to focus on your nutrition and overall wellbeing as your solar 6th house (of health) will have six planets moving through Pisces. AND with all this watery energy, you’ll want to make sure your mental and physical bodies are in sync. It’s no surprise that when we are stressed we often get ill… mind-body connection is your key to success this month. Toward the end of the month, transiting Venus (love) and the transiting Sun (identity) will move into your solar 7th house of committed relationships. When this happens it’s a good time to… you know that saying… put your money where your mouth is. Yes! Because your love life should be taking a turn for the better! After you focused the first part of the month on yourself, making sure you’re healthy, happy, and wise, the second half of the month should be focused on your other half… or at least the one you are pursuing… remember balance is your middle name. Ensure an equal give and take for yourself and your partner and all will be good in Libra-land.

Scorpio, with six planets in your solar 5th house of romance, dating, and fun, it looks like your dating life should be jam-packed with lots of activity this month! Additionally, these planets are all in Pisces, and Pisces wants nothing more than to love and be loved… and also walk on clouds while doing so, but that’s another topic for another time! Being a water sign yourself, you actually have a lot in common with Pisces, however, you go about it a different way. If you are usually pretty secretive about your feelings, it’s a good time to tap into all this Pisces energy and surrender… yes… I realize I’m telling a Scorpio to surrender… and this may not be easy for you! However, you need to allow your emotions to pass right through you, so share them with your loved ones and see what happens when you acknowledge them, and let them float away just as easily as they came. Remember though, Mercury (communication) is retrograde until March 17th so allow yourself to just go with the flow and don’t take anything too seriously until then. You never know… you just might meet the right one when you let go and let it flow!

Sagittarius, this month starts out for you with heavy focus on home and family matters. Yes, I know… this is not usually what you want to be focusing on. You’d rather be off gallivanting around the world searching for the truth! I get it. However, with six planets currently in Pisces and all in your solar 4th house of home and family, things can be getting… how do you say… ah yes… a little… (ahem)… emotional! Oops, I did it again… called you out on the truth, but if any sign can take it, I know it’s you, Sag! Truth be told, this is a good opportunity to take some time out and really establish your foundation in life. The 4th house is about home and family, however, it’s also about your roots. In other words, it’s time to get grounded… not time for the Harlem Shake! Keep in mind that all this energy in watery, Pisces may make it difficult to plant your roots and build a solid foundation, however, this energy is allowing you to open up and express the feelings you don’t usually have time for. Not to worry, by the end of the month, transiting Venus (love) and the Sun (identity) will be moving into fiery Aries and this will feel a lot more comfortable to you. In the meantime, make sure you have your floaties on as it looks like you’re swimming in a sea of emotions!

Capricorn, you have six planets currently in Pisces in your solar 3rd house of communication AND one of those planets (Mercury) is currently retrograde until March 17th, so… without further ado, I would definitely recommend thinking before you speak this month; it’s of upmost importance! On another note, Jupiter (abundance) is now direct and that means 6th house activities, such as health, day-to-day work, and your daily routine, will be gaining some… no not weight… but expansion — in a good way, that is! As Jupiter continues along its journey, make sure your daily activities coincide with your deepest desires. This is important to make sure you are aligned (mind, body, and soul) with your higher purpose.

Aquarius, I have some good news for you in the love department! Jupiter (expansion and karmic gifts) is now moving direct through your solar 5th house of fun, romance, creativity and love! (Yes, high fives all around). This is especially great if any of you have planets in that house as well, maybe even Venus! Oh la la! Either way, with Jupiter moving through your solar 5th house, it’s time to step up the dating game! This is a great time for you to reap the benefits of Jupiter. From now until the end of June, expect your love life to be better than it’s been in a while. In fact, with Jupiter in Gemini, you may be juggling more dates than you can handle! But hey… if only that’s the biggest problem in life, right?

Happy birthday, Pisces! Not only is it your birthday, but it’s also a busy time for you as there seems to be a traffic jam of sorts with six planets all backed up in Pisces! But have no fear, with all these planets moving through your sign, it’s like an extra boost of energy for you… though for some, it may feel like you’re swimming in your emotions more than other months. Allow me to explain: as a water sign you’re used to feeling things deeply, however, you often get a break with the transiting planets as they move through all the other signs. This helps to keep you balanced. However, with six planets all moving through your solar 1st house of self at the beginning of the month, you may feel like you’re swimming an uphill-battle! However, as with all transits, this too shall pass. For now, especially while Mercury is retrograde in your 1st house as well, take this time to do whatever you need to stay grounded. Know that until March 17th your mind may be playing some tricks on you, but when Mercury goes direct it will be a lot easier to handle all the energy. In the meantime, feel free to use your flotation devices if you feel like the current is carrying you away.

Danielle Paige is a writer, astrologer, and healer who is passionate about helping people understand the energies they were born under and using them to live the life they’ve dreamed of. This column is meant for entertainment purposes and to give a general overview of each sign. For an in-depth, personalized reading on your own birth chart, which will help you gain insight into your love life, career, money, your strengths, soul’s purpose, and even your karmic past, you can contact Danielle at
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