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Aries, the transiting Sun is moving through Scorpio and through your solar 8th house of intimacy. The sun is our life force and where we focus on filling ourselves up with joy. When it’s moving through your solar 8th house, it’s time to cozy up to someone special and start getting real. I’m not exactly saying in a 50 shades of Grey kinda way, although if that suits your fancy then go for it, but the Universe is asking you to really get to know your significant other. Start asking the questions that you might have been avoiding. The 8th house is about intimacy, and trusting each other with your deepest secrets is just about as intimate as two can get!

Taurus, since Saturn (discipline) moved out of Libra and into Scorpio on October 5th, this means it moved into your solar 7th house of committed relationships. Here’s the good… the bad… and… the good! Since Saturn is the glue that holds relationships together, it’s an important energy when trying to form a lasting relationship. Since it’s a slow moving planet, it will be in your solar 7th house until 2015. So this is the time when things will be really taking form for you, Taurus. If someone comes into your life under this transit it may be slow, but I can assure you it will be steady. Don’t dismiss someone just because there aren’t fireworks from the get go. Of course, always listen to your own intuition; however, a relationship formed under this transit could just be the real deal Holyfield. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Oh Gemini… the infamous Mercury retrograde is back and although it affects all of the signs, it has a very heavy influence on you specifically because Mercury (communication) is your chart ruler. But have no fear; yes it’s great to back up your computers, yada…yada, but beyond all the hype Mercury retrograde is actually very karmic. It’s a time when communication can get crossed, but that’s because there is so much information coming in at once it’s hard to decipher what’s the truth and what’s not. From November 6th– 26th it’s a good idea not to make any decisions, rather observe everything that happens around you and let it. just. happen. Yup! They key is not to react. Then after Mercury goes direct you can decide if any of the new plans will actually work for you. Remember – observe and take note.

Cancer, it’s time to tap into your creative self-expression. With Saturn (discipline) going through your solar 5th house of fun, romance, creativity, and kids, it might feel like all your fun has just gone out the window. But don’t fret; this is happening for a reason. The universe is asking you to get real and work (Saturn) on your creativity. Have you been pushing it under the rug? Has your “Cancer shell” been blocking it from coming out? I know you’re probably saying to yourself, ‘I am not creative; this does not apply to me.’ However, I’m here to tell you, yes. you. are! We are all creative beings, we are energy and the more you tap into your true creative self-expression, the more the Universe can arrange for synchronicities and bring your karmic gifts forth. It’s all about your vibration and shifting into a creative mindset will raise it up, up, UP!

Leo, transiting Mercury is going through you solar 5th house of romance and on November 6th will be turning retrograde. Make sure you are communicating clearly with anyone new you may be dating as this can be a time of confusion, especially since you have a lot of fire energy in you, Leo. During the time of the retrograde it will be moving back through your solar 4th house of home and family. It looks like it’s time to clean up any loose ends with the fam that you may have been avoiding. Have you not talked since the high holidays? It’s a good time to go back and work through any issues that you had in the past. This is your second chance to bring it up, work it out, and move it forward. When your home and family is grounded then your love life has a foundation to grow on.

Virgo, big news for you this month as Mercury, your chart ruler, goes retrograde again November 6th-26th. It starts off in your solar 4th house of home and family and moves ‘backward’ through your solar 3rd house of communications. Being that Mercury is all about communication and it’s passing back through your solar 3rd house…of communication…it’s a pretty sure sign there is some unfinished business that needs to be talked out. As with all retrograde periods, it’s important to be aware of the information that you hear. However, as things are not always as they seem during this time, it’s best not to sign contracts and hold off on making any permanent decisions until Mercury goes direct. During this retrograde period it’s time to put your analytical and detail oriented mind to work and figure out the missing pieces in the puzzle…literally and figuratively…

Libra, lucky you! Transiting Venus (love and money) is in your sign most of the month (until November 23rd) and it’s moving through your solar first house of self. This is a great energy for a new relationship to come in or if you are already in one, to take it to the next level. However, I do want to alert you my friends…Mercury (communication) will be going retrograde from November 6-26th. So, if a new relationship does make center stage, it’s best to keep things balanced until after the 26th; that way you have more of a chance of it lasting rather than…another one bites the dust…

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This is a big month for you. Not only is it your birthday, but the eclipse on November 14th will take place in your sign so this means…you know what I’m going to say…yes, “transformation for $1000, Alex!” Solar eclipses are very powerful bursts of energy and with it happening in your solar 1st house of self at 21 degrees of Scorpio, all will be feeling it! If your birthday is later in the month, then this will be an even bigger hit for you! The goal here is to go with the flow. Let your emotions out, but don’t let them control you. Ride the waves and release the stagnant energy that is not serving you. It’s only when we are truly connected with our heart and ready to receive from a pure, humble place that we can receive the highest octave of the energy. Remember, “like attracts like,” so if you are in a low vibration, that will only be brought towards you as well. Let it all go, make room for the new, and do so with an open heart. A true, open heart, with the mind out of the way and the heart centered and strong…THIS is when miracles happen!

Sagittarius, on November 6th Mercury (communication) begins its trek backward as it goes retrograde in your sign. Since Sagittarius is always concerned with seeking the truth, you are being given this opportunity to go back and review what more than…the truth! When Mercury moves back into Scorpio, it will be asking you to dive even deeper into your heart and pull out anything that is blocking or stunting your growth. Since Mercury wants/needs to communicate, during its retrograde period you may even be able to tap into your psychic abilities and communicate with your guides. This is the key to finding your truth within. I know you’re thinking this sounds crazy! Yet I promise you, it’s not. We are all psychic in our own ways and being able to tap into our intuition and see the truth is the only way you can then move forward and communicate it when it goes direct. It always starts from within…what is within is withOUT.

Capricorn, when Mars (drive) links up with Pluto (transformation) in your sign near the end of the month, this could be a powerful burst of energy for you. My advice: use this energy wisely as conversations can get heated and emotions can be at an all-time high. However, if you use this to push yourself forward for what you really desire, this could be the magic key you’ve been waiting for! Also, Jupiter (abundance and karmic gifts) is still in your solar 6th house of work and with the combination of these energies all things lead to a step up in your career. November is your month to power through!

Aquarius, it looks like Jupiter (karmic gifts) is still transiting through your solar 5th house of romance, fun, and creativity. This is a nice touch for you since Mercury will be going retrograde from November 6-26th. When Mercury (communication) does so, things have a tendency to get confusing, but with Jupiter still in your solar 5th it will definitely help you out in the romance department! Besides romance, your career is going to get a big push come mid-November as the Solar eclipse is happening in your solar 10th house of career. This is a great opportunity for you at the workplace; just make sure you don’t sign any contracts until Mercury goes direct after November 26th and all will be good!

Pisces, November just may be the month of travel for you. With the Solar Eclipse happening mid-November in your solar 9th house of long distance travel, you may be opening the door to some new exotic adventures. Your solar 9th house is also jam packed with several other planets this month, one of them being Mercury which goes retrograde on November 6-26th. If you are traveling, it would be wise to buy travel insurance as things can often go haywire when Mercury goes retrograde. However, please don’t let this stop you from living your life. Astrology is meant to inform people to make better decisions, not inhibit them from doing things. And on another note, Saturn and Venus also link up at the end of the month so if you meet someone abroad, they might just be the real deal!

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