For those of us that are new to learning to become skilled at online dating, pulling off a successful date is a new and exciting feeling.  Making the transition from merely receiving a date, to receiving a date that is actually into us, is a big step.

But what happens when you want to extend the date back to your apartment or house because you are simply having a great time and want to keep it going?

This is a part of the date that many men forget to prepare for.  What you want to do is set up your apartment or house for the “after-date.”

What this means is you want to leave interesting things around, or have entertainment ready and prepared, so that when you return there won’t be the awkward moment of, “what are we going to do now?”

An example of preparing for the after date is to have a photo album around; invite your date up to show her pictures of your recent vacation.

This is just one of the many ways that you could extend the date flawlessly and keep the fun going as smoothly as possible.  But one thing is certain: Always prepare for the “after date.”  There is nothing worse than wanting to extend the date, only to bring your date back to an apartment full of nothing to do.