Back by popular demand, has launched its iconic Haggadah for the second year in a row, but this time the contemporary guide to Passover is available on iBooks as a free download. Why is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadahs? Well, let me tell you…

The interactive Haggadah brings humor and originality to the Seder, giving the traditional story a modern flair. And if you’ve ever sat through a lengthy Seder, then you know humor can be sweeter than chocolate matzah during lengthy (but fun!) Passover meals.

I sat down with our CEO, Greg Liberman and he told me, “With pop culture references, a splash of Jewish humor, and lots of interactive surprises, you can be sure no one will fall asleep at your Passover Seder this year.”

Not only is the JDate Haggadah easily accessible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet, but it also brings the ancient text into the 21st century. With references to Beyoncé (bow down), Jonah Hill, Miley Cyrus, Game of Thrones, and more, JDate has created a Haggadah that is both quirky and relevant – while staying true to the important history and meaning of Passover. Check out a few of the highlights below to see why the JDate Haggadah will have you shouting “Dayenu!” all night long!

  • Find the Afikomen, Get a Steep Discount!

Just like the traditional search for the afikomen towards the end of the Passover Seder, users are challenged to scour through the JDate Haggadah to find the missing piece of “digital matzah.” Find the afikomen and you could be eligible to win up to 36% off a JDate subscription. Participating in an afikomen hunt and potentially winning a JDate discount? Bubbie will be so proud for so many reasons…

  • Interactive Functions

For the first time, JDate’s Haggadah is available on iBooks, which means you can play and explore with various functions, including a clickable Seder plate, several hidden sound effects, and pop-up Hebrew prayers! Yep, this Haggadah will have everyone kibitzing!

  • The 10 “First World Problem” Plagues

The 10 plagues are an integral part of the story of Passover, but they aren’t necessarily relevant for us in the 21st Century. So, we’ve created a contemporary, more relatable version, dubbed “First World Problems” – such as a cracked phone screen, slow Internet, and blenders that break mid-smoothie (I hate when that happens!).

  • JDate Profiles for Moses, the Pharaoh & More

The iHaggadah includes JDate profiles for four key Passover characters, including Moses, the Pharaoh, and the Pharaoh’s daughter. Who’s the 4th? Elijah? You’ll have to download the JDate Haggadah to see for yourself! Oh, and did I mention you can engage even further by “flirting,” “favoriting” or messaging one of these profiles? This Haggadah provides hours of entertainment only a MOT could fully appreciate.

  • Chametz Lease Agreement:

As you probably know, most Jewish people refrain from eating any grain-based food that has been allowed to ferment or rise – also known as “Chametz” – during Passover. But of course there’s no need to part with all that doughey, bready goodness indefinitely, which is why JDate has incorporated a downloadable (and hilarious) Chametz lease agreement into its iHaggadah.

Download the JDate Haggadah right now on any iOS device and discover why this Passover guide is the best thing since sliced challah (eaten, of course, on the day after Passover ends!). Chag sameach!

*For those using other operating systems, a PDF version is also available at

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