Back in the Kibitz Corner, JDate wants to know “Who/what inspires you?”

The following answers might make you laugh. Others might make you cry. But whatever your reaction, all (we hope) will make you think:

  • The empty pages in my passport (more stamps…more stamps!)

LanieInTh…, 33, Single, Woman seeking a Man, New York, NY ▪

  • Amazing people: Nancy Brinker, who started the Susan G. Komen Foundation from the ground up after her sister died of Breast Cancer at age 36; Ruth Handler, who was the entrepreneurial genius behind Mattel Toys and who dreamed up Barbie (the doll); Harry Bernstein, who wrote his first book (“The Invisible Wall” about growing up Jewish in a Manchester slum) in his mid-nineties…

JersieGirl, 60, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, Saint Louis, MO ▪

  • Humor. My grandmother always said, “Don’t watch your money; watch your health.” So one day while I was watching my health, someone stole my money. It was my grandfather.

TheRealMc…, 40, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • Those that have an unwavering strength, vision and faith to battle any form of Cancer while simply taking what has been unfortunately dealt to them in stride. My 32 year old cousin is a hero to me.

Chef1688, 50, Single, Man seeking a Woman, N Potomac, MD

  • My Identity; being Jewish. Seinfeld and Matzo Balls… what’s not to love?

Snafu, 23, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Toronto, Canada

  • People who don’t care what other people think and pursue their values without sacrificing honor. Alan Watts, Einstein and Thoreau are some people who inspire me.

FnyUDntLk…, 30, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Encino, CA

  • My friend who is 77 and has a boyfriend who is 20 years younger…and can barely keep up with her!

RhythmOfLife, 56, Widowed, Woman seeking a Man, Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Good journalists doing their jobs: afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

RyanG3215, 24, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Berkeley, CA

  • My Aunt Edith. She is 85, survived Auschwitz and a death march. Yet, even now, she has an amazingly positive attitude. I’ve never heard a peep of self pity from her. She always manages to elicit in me a sense of wonder and gratitude.

118806641, 44, Single, Man seeking a Man, New York, NY

  • Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson; people that went against what everyone was telling them to do because they knew, deep down, their plan was going to pan out and change the world.

bhawk34, 26, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Long Grove, IL

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