Robin Gorman Newman, “The Love Coach”, and author of How to Meet a Mensch in New York and How to Marry a Mensch, has been seen on television including “The Today Show,” CNN, “Good Day New York,” and is regularly quoted in newspapers and magazines as a relationship expert. She is the founder of and consults privately with singles to help them lead more successful social lives. She has hosted workshops on the subject at such venues as Club Getaway, Makor, Greenhouse Spa and Learning Annex. If you need some advice from a professional love coach, contact [email protected] and put “Love Coach” in the subject line.

Robin to do Chat with Women
I will be a guest on a cool radio show on Monday, June 29th, 11:45AM EST. Hope you’ll tune in. Visit to hear me that day, and it will remain posted on the site.

You can listen to the Chat With Women Radio Show 5 days a week! Pam and…

Yesterday I had a speaking gig at the Long Beach Public Library in NY.

Though I’m under the weather, I did not want to cancel. And, I was ultimately pleased with the way it worked out.

It was interesting. I wound up speaking to an almost all geriatric…

Do you have a pattern?

I’m referring to a pattern of dating?

Do you have a habit of gravitating toward the same type of person, and it continually fails to work out?

This is not unusual.

Most people would say they have a “type” that appeals to them

Part of it…

Happy Valentine’s Day
Wanted to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re doing something for yourself that feels good.

Don’t feel like you must have a date. Or that it’s imperative to socialize.

What is important to do is to practice self care.

I feel a bit like a…

Love Goals
Let me start by wishing you A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR.

I was speaking with a wise friend the other day who was talking about 2009 and reflecting on the past year.

She said she hadn’t felt like she accomplished all she wanted to, yet she really had done a lot….

New Year’s
Do you feel pressure to have a date on new year’s eve? Or to go a party, even if your heart isn’t into it?

When I was single, I always felt compelled to have new year’s plans. If I didn’t have a date, I needed to have some kind of social agenda that…

Throw a “New Blood” Party
First let me say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your loved ones!

Do you have any special plans?

Are you spending it with your family? Close friends? Or, you’re just being mellow and prefer not to do anything in particular?

Whatever you choose, there is no…

Questions for the Love Coach
I’d like to open this blog up to questions from you.

What would you like to ask? Is there a topic you’d like me to write about?

Please drop a note to [email protected] or post a comment.

Tales from the Ranch
I returned from Canyon Ranch in Tucson earlier this week, and must share with you the experience.

It was such a huge growth opportunity, in ways I never would have anticipated.

I was there as a guest speaker to share my wisdom from How to Marry a Mensch,…

Chemistry…What is it?

How do you define it when it comes to a relationship?

I was way on a weekend at Omega recently to hear the author Joan Anderson who wrote A Weekend to Change Your Life, among other bestselling books, as seen on Oprah.

She was very down-to-earth,…

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