You want secrets?  I got answers.

When it comes to meeting women online, I have discovered just about all you need to know.  No matter who you are, or what you look like, I can train any man to meet any woman online.

How?  Because I have spent years studying the female mind, the intricacies of online dating, and learning exactly what makes women develop attraction towards us.

And I don’t mean in a sleazy or manipulative way.  It is simply a matter of learning to become a master of human relationships.

Whether you are looking for long lasting love, a date, or a casual fun time, I’m your man.  I have helped men all over the world, and now I am going to help you.

But first thing is first.  In order to become successful, we’re going to have to take things one step at a time.

Being successful with women is a skill just like anything else in life that we all must work at.

So what better place to start then with a break down of the way the female mind works?  If we are going to pick up women successfully, we need to understand their thought process and exactly what causes females to become attracted to us.

So for today’s article I want you all to grasp one critical fact about the female mind:

I have found over the years that the looks you are born with do not make or break how successful you are with women. 

Let’s repeat that one more time.   Everybody say it with me nice and slow…

The – looks – you – are – born – with – do – not – make – or – break – how – successful – you – are – with – women!

Many of you might be wondering how this could possibly be true, especially in the world of online dating where women judge you based on pictures?

Simple.  I believe that evolution is the main cause.

If you see the female and male mind the way I do, it seems that the male mind and the female mind are wired completely differently due to thousands of years of evolution.

Just looking around in every day life, males seem to be visual creatures by nature.  In my opinion and the opinion of many scientists, this is mostly likely because thousands of years of evolution have taught us to hunt for the most beautiful women in order to ensure the best chance of reproduction.  A healthy looking woman meant a higher chance of success.  It is our instinct.

Women are different.  Looks are only one of eleven ways they develop attraction towards us.  Lucky for us, according to my own personal research and experience, it seems that women can become attracted to us for 10 reasons that have nothing to do with looks.  And almost all women seem to respond to the exact same methods.

All we have to do is find ways to incorporate these ten methods into the online dating world!

For example:  It can be argued that women are programmed by evolution to seek out men with high social value.   Ever notice how many women gravitate towards men that have tons of friends, jobs of power, etc.?  This is a major attraction builder.

If we place pictures that show us in positions of high social value, or write our profiles in ways that imply this value, we are instantly tapping into attraction.

“Then why do women seem to only care about looks online?”

Good question!   I believe women WILL only focus on looks, if we don’t tap into the other 10 attraction builders, since they will have nothing else to go on.

This is why the words we write in our profiles and messages are so critical to success.

Even worse, as easy as it is to build attraction by understanding the female mind, I have found over the years that there are even more ways to destroy it.  This is why it is essential we break down the female mind over the course of the next year.

So join me over the next year, as every two weeks I will be teaching you everything you need to know to achieve success.

Do I have all the answers?  I sure think so.  You decide!

In the next article we will be discussing the power of using “online conversation seeds” and building comfort.  Until next time, good luck!

Joshua Pompey has been featured in publications all over the world for his online dating advice. He is currently the author of the online dating guide, The REAL Online Game, and writes online dating profiles for men all over the world. To read more about his online dating advice, click online dating guide or online dating profile.
  1. Won’t I be terribly disappointed when I learn that I’m out on a date with someone who can’t put a sentence together, because you wrote his profile and conversation openers?

  2. I don’t know if you realize a big turn off for women is the dead animals, you don’t see to much of this on jdate but on other sites its rampant. The dead deer, bear and bloody fish are a no go!

    Also pictures of scenic vista. I don’t want to date a vast landscape, I want to see that there is family, friends and pets. Oh and please include a note about taking photos in the bathroom or using one where everything you have in the kitchen is stacked on the counter behind the subject…also a no go!

    On the other hand photos that are cropped and half of a woman can be seen..def. time for new photos…with a cell phone they are free. To me that says out with the old in with the new. (old cow vs new cow, please refer to the movie “someone like you”)

    ok just some thoughts

  3. Sounds like the same stuff the game comes out with. I found being yourself rather than using pre-scripted lines and strategies is more effective as it has depth to it and comes from yourself not someone else. Finding confidence in yourself is the key.

    And to know that you cant win them all helps allot!


  4. Why do discussions of evolution of the species stop at human-being-as-hunter-gatherer? Humans began agricultural societies between 5,000-3500 BC. Where is the argument for the effect of farming on our perceptions? With agriculture came the idea of possession (land, livestock), and therefore war and invasion.

    Here’s the deal: Women and men like to be in control of who they choose to allow into their lives. Men who slime women with unearned compliments witness a similar response as do women who slime men with unearned compliments. Finally, the readiness of a person to travel life’s paths with another person boils down to motivation–and if the motivation derives from INSPIRATION or DESPERATION. The latter rarely yields beneficial results.

    Dr. Schadenfreudian hath spaketh.

  5. And my recommendation is be careful of Gurus Shmurus, who think they own the game…
    And by the way- can THIS so called Guru can get ANY woman he desired- I doubt it (Meaning shut up…)
    And, yes, did you get anything new here? Men look for beauty, women for money (and especially at the sponsor site, Jdate)

  6. bad boys are what women want. they may suffer their whole life but,they just can’t help it…’s in their nature. nice guys are boring to them.

  7. I don’t agree with the author, Joshua Pompey. If you read and look at all the pictures of the bride and groom in the JDate success stories, 99 times out of 100, the stunning bride has a handsome husband. Sure, the groom has other appealing qualities to the bride, but without his looks, he would not have got a look in the first place, unless he was loaded like Bill Gates!

  8. I am disappointed by JDate and Joshua Pompey. The above article says there are 11 things women are attracted to but it only lists a couple ad asks to look for the rest in “future articles”. What is this a television series. I paid the fee already. Why don’t you help us be succussful now, when we need it! I don’t think it is reasonable to wait for future articles when you can give us all 11 pointers now. . .It’s a dirty trick to play on your patrons JDate. . .

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