It’s true.  The Dos Equis man, dubbed ‘The most interesting man in the world’ by said beer company, is actually Jewish.  Known to mortals as Jonathan Goldsmith, the self-proclaimed ‘most interesting man’ is an American actor.  Who knew?  Well, I did.  So I wrote it down here.  And now I am writing this.  

Anyway, I think more people should know this fact.  Though he is fictitious and has probably not conquered any of the feats that the narrator claims he has dominated, knowledge about his Jewish ancestry can help quell long-standing stereotypes about Jewish people.  For example, most people just assume that Jews don’t go ice fishing by swimming in the water under the ice.  Also, like-minded people don’t see Jews mountain climbing without a rope and a harness.  Actually, people don’t see Jews mountain climbing, in general.

The narrator makes outrageous claims like the fact that sharks have a week dedicated to him and that he lost his virginity before his father did.  These are both, of course, logistically impossible, as sharks not only lack the technology to devote a week of television to anybody, but also have a general disdain for human beings.  It is also mathematically impossible to lose your virginity before your father.  Though these seem like leftover Chuck Norris jokes, they add mystique to a man that doesn’t exist.  They can also help reverse regressive stereotypes about Jewish people.