A new book written by economist Jon Birgir titled Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game supports my theory about dating being a numbers game — and he’s taken it to the next level with research and statistics. Unfortunately, the results may not inspire you, especially if you’re female! The book asserts that since there are more women attending university, that means that educated women will outnumber men at that level, which will lead to a further increase of the lopsided ratio.

The advice from the author? Open your mind to a mixed-collar marriage (professional women marrying working-class men). Interestingly, there are a few cities that are worse off than others when it comes to more educated women than men: New York (38%), Raleigh (49%), and Miami (94%).

One area that has more hope for women? The Bay Area (Silicon Valley and San Francisco specifically).

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