In a classic 70’s song depicting a man who is disenchanted with his current relationship, he reads the personals and spots an ad that catches his attention: the ad of a woman who is seeking a man who, among other things, must like pina coladas.  Intrigued, he writes back and arranges to meet with the woman only to find upon the meeting that his new lover is his current lover.  The song ends showing that the two lovers realize they have more in common than they suspected, and that they do not have to look any further than each other for what they seek in a relationship.
With the internet, there is a gravitational pull to continue looking.  If there is a bump, it is over, because you can go online and get 100 new dates by next month by clicking the mouse.  The mystery is out though:

The grass is not greener on the other side.  Full Stop.  If you meet someone who is a good person, is committed, can make your smile, is kind and has the same life goals.  Think long and hard, because the grass is not greener, the grass is greener where you water it.  Where you put effort into your own current relationship and make that person your priority…So maybe rather than continuing the perpetual on-line clicking, stop and examine yourself and the relationship- because what you have, may be as good as it gets- and that may be pretty darn good.