Times sure have changed in the past decade or so.  There was once a time when if we wanted to receive a girl’s phone number, get this…

We’d actually have to work up the courage to walk up to her, ask her for her phone number, and write it down on a piece of paper!

Oh, what a simpler time it was.  Just wait a couple of days and make the call.  Done.

Well these days the game sure has changed.

Smartphones have taken control of our lives and technology is here to stay.  Whether you like it or not, texting has become a part of dating, and will probably not go away any time soon.

The good news is that learning how to text properly will tremendously improve your dating life, the amount of dates you receive, and the excitement a woman has about meeting you.

And while texting is always important to boosting your success, I would argue that it is absolutely critical in the second half of December.

Allow me to explain why….

December is undoubtedly one of the busiest, if not the busiest months of the year for most people.  There are the holidays, holiday shopping, New Years, and tons of potential family engagements.

With Hanukah falling on December 20th to 28th this year, and New Years the week after, this presents a big dilemma for those of us who are using JDate.


Let’s suppose we meet a girl online a few days before December 20th or even during that week.  You may have had a great Instant Messaging conversation online, or had some very successful emails.

However, between the holidays, New Years, and all the other obligations December brings, by the time you are both ready to meet, it could be upwards of two to three weeks!

And what happens when you wait that long to meet?

Comfort levels begin to slip between and you start to feel like strangers again.  Women especially feel like this.

You may have got along great during your initial conversations, but it’s been so long since you last talked that she no longer feels comfortable answering the phone, or hanging out.  Women will start to worry things will be awkward when you go too long without communication.

To make things worse, she may move on to one of the other hundred emails she has been receiving while “waiting” for both of you to free up.

The solution is texting.  What you want to do is receive her phone number, and then every couple of days, try to establish some form of communication.  However, not just any form of communication.

What you want to do is use texting as a means to building attraction and piquing your date’s interest higher than ever.  This is done through flirting, making jokes, and trying to touch upon things that you have talked about in the past.

The last thing you want to do is say, “how are you” or “what’s up.”  This is something a boyfriend would do, not a person she barely knows.  Keep it fun, interesting, and brief.  Do not overdue it and text every day, all day long!

Most people completely lose out on December when it comes to online dating.  But you don’t have to.  Learn to text properly and you will not lose that girl that you were so excited to meet before a busy schedule got in the way.

Not sure what to say?  In a future article, I will be discussing the art of “conversation seeds,” which will teach you how to set yourself up with plenty of great material you can use to text women you are pursuing!


Joshua Pompey has been featured in publications all over the world, providing online dating tips and strategies on how to write a profile to men of all ages.  You can find information and learn about his ‘110% Guaranteed Guide’ by clicking Meet Women Online now!


  1. This is Ms. Avi, I also write for JMag and am author of the book “Secrets of Shiksa Appeal.” I agree that receiving a text saying “how are you?” from a guy I barely know (or haven’t even met) is ridiculous. I don’t even reply to those. Unless it’s setting up a date or a last-minute change such as “running 5 mins late,” I try avoid all texting with guys I barely know, and generally avoid texting bouts.

    I guess my advice to guys is it’s fine to text if it eventually leads to a date, but why waste your or her time if you have no intention meeting in-person.

  2. I tried texting every few days and it seemed good from both my point of view and the ladies. However, when it came to meeting, the lady rang me the day before to cancel the date as her ex had been trying to win her back!

  3. I can relate to David. Many girls “play games on JDate” to constantly exchanging emails with you and deciding not to meet to texting with you without meeting as well. Unfortunately, this happens mainly with attractive women, who aren’t as desperate as unattractive women, for obvious reasons!

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