I was at Bar Mitzvah dinner recently (last weekend) and found myself in a conversation with a woman.  That, in itself, would have made the night fantastic.  But there is so much more.  Not only was I talking to a woman, but she was talking back to me.  The fact that I am a blogger for JDate somehow came up.  Of course, by ‘somehow’, I mean ‘inevitably,’ because I tell anybody that will listen to me that I blog here.

I mentioned that my dad is also on JDate, without yet realizing that he could be a candidate for this young lady because she was exactly between our ages.  My mind wandered into places that I never wanted it to go.  She started asking me about my dad, and it wasn’t long before I realized that she probably had conjured an agenda.  I was not about to fistfight my own father for the love of a woman Sabrina style.  However, if I was Greg Kinnear and my father was Harrison Ford, then he would definitely win without a fight.  Since my dad is not yet Han Solo, the playing field was still even.

She continued to ask questions about my father.  They were not very personal, but I disliked how the conversation was shifting away from my positive personal peculiarities.  However, I was grateful that somebody decided to include wine with our dinner festivities.  It helped for me to enjoy the night without worrying too much about what was actually unfolding at my table.  So that was fun.

Wait, who ended up with Sabrina in Sabrina?