In a city comprised of five billion of your closest strangers, it’s inevitable that you’ll forget a few faces. Then, it’s completely possible that you’ll full on mistake a perfect stranger for a close friend. I found myself on the receiving end of just such a scenario this past Saturday night. I had just arrived at the Belmont, and was warmly embraced by a random dude! Either the Belmont had one hell of a welcome wagon, or this was just an honest mistake. So, being the ever-ready girl on the go that I am, I returned the hug with the gracious phrase, “I’m sorry – do I know you?” He retorted point blank, that he was so-and-so, and that we had just finalized our date on the phone. I had clearly stumbled into someone else’s blind date –and, let’s face it, it’s hard enough to endure the surprise scenario when one is prepared for just such a situation. Now imagine if it were a sneak attack! He made quite an impression on both myself, and his actual date, who happened to be watching the entire catastrophe unfold from right behind us! Not only were the bouncer and I laughing hysterically, my night now came complete with one hell of an ice-breaker. So, thanks to said stranger, his actual date (who besides the long dark hair looked nothing like me) and the minor meeting mishap, there were no awkward silences that couldn’t be handled with a quick bit of wit. If you can’t laugh at yourself, at least laugh at the other dude locked in the simple scenario with you. Los Scandalous sets the stage for a various number of scenes. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and laugh with your audience. If you’re going down, do it with grace-and you’ll often end up saving yourself and your co-conspirator from very public humiliation.