On my way to work this morning, a group of four young rapper artists jumped on the C Train and started showing off their art, break dancing and the like, during commuter traffic…only in NYC! As I watched their talent, I was amazed at how uninhibited they were.  They didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Their goal was to dance, make some change and perhaps get noticed.

I walked off with a smile and thoughts regarding how inhibited we have become from our history of experiences. If we actually approached each new relationship with a little less caution, with no thoughts of red flags or how it may not work out, but in turn viewed it uninhibitedly what would be the result? Perhaps the course of love may be the same, but no doubt the dance would be a lot more fun.   

#49 Continuing with places to meet people this summer…rumor has it JDate is having a Club Getaway weekend – go uninhibited, play tennis, get a tan, and dance!