I’m at a Springsteen concert (gotta love the classics) with a dear friend of mine. And the House in Madison Square Garden is getting down. I turn and smile at my friend whosedanceresemblesthe Seinfield Elaine dance. However, he calls it the “Tarantula Dance.”  Now if he reads this, my ass is in trouble. Though he shouldn’t be because he is not single. That aside, the dance was so endearing/adorable, yet funny (when your stomach hurts from laughing, funny). But the best of it, knowing you can be your absolute self in front of someone and not worrying.  A friendship or romantic relationship is at its best when you can be that person and they still think you’re amazing. Not that doing the Elaine or Tarantula Dance can be seen as a fault, but I guess you know when you can be absolutely yourself in a relationship and when someone knows your faults/quirkiness/idiosyncrasies and even finds them endearing, then you’ve got something good.