Dating in my little city of angels is a lot of things– amusing, repetitive, and most importantly, masochistic. This little gem of an S&M situation is never with said mister of the moment however; no, no that would be sane! Ladies, let’s take a moment to think about all the medieval style torture we force ourselves to endure in order to look pretty hot and tempting for some dude who may or may not last longer than an L.A. minute. First on my list of trendy and torturous ways we girls accessorize ourselves? Stilettos. Now I know they make us look hot in all the right places but what were Manolo and his friends high on when they decided to raise the bar, and our height? Well, I hope they make it over the counter soon, because I’m going to need to stop at Rite Aid to make it through the night in those again. Have you tried driving in them? Navigating the 405 without a road rage induced collision is a challenge in restraint in itself. Add the slippery stiletto pedal to the metal sitch to the daily grind, and it’s a wonder women haven’t completely wiped themselves from the planet, or at least the freeway. The moral of the story is, the next time you dudes think girls have it easy, take comfort in the fact that there is pain radiating throughout their bodies from one teeny tiny torture device in the form of four inches. Oh, the things we do for love…like walking in the rain and the snow in really pretty, but evil shoes.