There’s nothing like watching a great romantic comedy. Whether you need some cheering up or just want to get a good laugh, these movies always seem to have a way of putting us in a good mood! While at times these films may be cheesy, they still manage to make us laugh (and that’s what matters). Read on to discover some of our favorite romantic comedies with their side-splitting and heart-warming tales. Got one of your own that didn’t make our list? Add it in the comments section below!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is not like typical romantic comedies. Loosely based upon a graphic novel and comic series, this movie is part action and comedy, with a romantic twist in and out of the movie. You can’t help but feel for Scott, as he has to defend himself from Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends if he hopes to capture her love.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In true Judd Apatow form, this movie borders the line of raunchy and potty mouth humor with some of the best out there. Any movie starring Jason Segel as the main character is sure to contain plenty of quirky, odd humor, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall is no exception. This is the perfect romantic comedy for someone with an offbeat sense of humor who doesn’t take life too seriously.


Kate & Leopold

This is a classic romantic comedy, containing two of our generation’s finest actors: Meg Ryan and Jude Law. It adds a bit of science fiction and time travel to make it stand out a little bit different from the rest of the pack.


About a Boy

Hugh Grant is London’s most eligible bachelor and gets some lessons in growing up from a maladroit 12-year-old boy. Grant plays a thirty-something nice guy living a posh, carefree lifestyle off father’s fortune who meets a bright but awkward youth who’s tired of his mom depressed, lonely state. Their paths collide when the bachelor fabricates a two-year-old son and joins a group called “Single Parents Alone Together.” The boy is wise to the scheme and blackmails the bachelor to date his mother. Though he doesn’t hit it off immediately with either of them, he begins to open up to the people around him to the he attracts the attention of another attractive single mom.


Notting Hill

Grant is back, this time with Julia Roberts as they charm in this tale where an unsuccessful Notting Hill bookstore owner has the world’s most beautiful woman enter his shop. A little later, he still can’t believe it himself and runs into her again, this time spilling juice on her. She changes in his nearby apartment, and thanks him with a kiss, which surprises her more than him. They eventually get to know each other better over the months, but being with the world’s most wanted woman is not easy.


It Happened One Night

The story follows a spoiled heiress who has married a fortune-hunting aviator, despite her father’s objections. To keep Ellie from marrying, her father has been holding her prisoner aboard his yacht. But Ellie bolts from the yacht, swims ashore in her clothes and eventually slips onto a bus bound for New York. Aboard the bus is newspaper reporter, played by Clark Gable, who has recently been fired. The two must share the last seat on the bus, and when Ellie has her purse stolen and she refuses to report it, Peter begins to suspect something. The next morning, they both miss the bus after a leisurely breakfast, and Peter reveals that he knows her identity. She makes a deal with him that if he helps her get to New York, he can write a story about her for his paper. But as they travel and engage in a series of mishaps, the snippy journalist and the spoiled rich girl, thrown together by chance, fall in love.



The cinematic techniques and beautiful storytelling in one of the best romantic comedies make this film a no-brainer. Even though some of the cultural implications weren’t always followed, the colorful storyline make it a wonderful viewing experience.


Knocked Up

Director Judd Apatow does it again, only this time the movie is more about romance and real life problems. It follows the lives of two ordinary people, who meet at a bar and have a one-night stand that leads to a pregnancy. At the time, the man, played by Seth Rogen, is nothing more than a deadbeat. However, after learning of the impending pregnancy, he realizes he must quickly grow up in ways he’s never imagined possible.


When Harry Met Sally

Romantic comedies don’t get much better than When Harry Met Sally. This classic stars a young Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, whose on screen chemistry is timeless and magical. It follows the traditional plot lines of boy meets the girl, boy falls in love with the girl, but leaves you not so sure that he will get the girl in the end. It is worth watching just to see what happens in this true feel-good film.


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Romance, comedy, humor, embarrassment, laughter, pain and awkwardness are only some of the emotions this brilliant film evokes when you watch it for the first time. The sense of humor in this movie may be an acquired taste, but if you are a fan of raunchy romantic comedies, you are going to find this movie not only hilarious, but also deep and moving in the end.

  1. I’ve never laughed at any point in watching a romantic comedy. But I sure ended up crying, at many a scene. I remember when I watched “Some Like It Hot” I had to leave the cinema and go out into the street and hide in a doorway, I was shaking and howling so hard as I cried. I had just broken up with a little blonde chick who was nowhere near as movie-star like as MM, but in my eyes she was.

    This was over three decades ago.

    The last rc I liked and cried at with all my heart was the movie “Point of No Return”. It was phenomenally well done.

    If I want to cry non-stop through an entire show, I watch a “Hard Day’s Night” or “The Beatles’ First Visit to America”. I know they are not much as movies go, but they are actually everything.

    German (perish the thought) filmmakers know that. And they have Beethoven by their side. The movie “Lives of Others” wouldn’t have been such a humonguous hit, at least not for me, if they hadn’t featured Beethoven during the scene when the bad guy goes through his transformation.

    Another German (perish the thought) movie that was built on music, entirely, was “Four Minutes”. The chick was phenomenal. I just went into a different plane of consciousness, and it was very enjoyable. No, I was not on drugs, other than the internally produced natural juices my own body produced during the watchign of the movie.

  2. It would worry me, if I were a movie critic, to see a couple and nobody else in the theatre while I talk about the “best” movies made.

    This visual may be taken as a sign of depressingly mismatched artistic judgment between critic and audiences.

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