The Great Date contest has a winner and we think it just may be Beshert!

Earlier this summer, we asked women from across New York City to tell us why they deserved to win a date (paid for by JDate) with our Chosen JDater, Jeremy. We received email after email from women telling us they were the perfect match for Jeremy and that they desperately wanted a date with this great guy! And after reading his profile, we think it would be hard to find a single Jewish woman who would feel differently!

Jeremy has a dual career as a marketing manager by day, and founder of Nektar Naturals, an all-natural food business by night. This 28-year-old New Yorker’s idea of the perfect date is a combination of great food, and even better conversation. Jeremy is looking for a woman who is confident, genuine and shares his adventurous spirit. So who is the lucky lady that fits all those requirements? Esther, a 28-year-old blond cutie who works in sports law.

Esther says she likes to hit the slopes in the winter, head to the beach in the summer, and enjoy all the great things NYC has to offer in between! That includes new shows, good restaurants, hidden gems and bike riding in Central Park. She is a sports fan (hence her job in sports law), but not the biggest fan of NY teams. Growing up just outside of Boston, Esther roots for her hometown teams whenever possible. Most importantly though, she says she is ready to find that nice, Jewish boy to bring home to Mom.

Mazel tov to Esther! She and Jeremy will enjoy a romantic evening for two, compliments of JDate! Cross your fingers, hopefully this Great Date will ignite a great spark!

The Great Date is JDate’s newest contest featuring the site’s most eligible JDaters®. Do you have an interesting job and a winning personality? Then you could be our next Chosen JDater! Email us at with your JDate username, age, career and a description of what makes you unique and you may just become our next Chosen JDater!
  1. I’m now taking applications. See my profile to inquire further.

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