You know when you’re going through a bad break-up and you’re driving along and that certain tear-inducing song comes on the radio? All of a sudden your cheeks are wet and one of those corner of your lips are turned down into a frown, quivering, and you can’t help but let out the ugly cry, sob actually, and you just start wailing while singing along to “Un-Break My Heart.” Yeah that. We’ve all been there. Don’t deny it. It’s healthy. Let it out. And know that one day you will be in a happy place again, and one day you will hopefully be in love again – except this time for real -and then another love song – this time a happy one, like “Lucky” – will start playing on the radio and you will cry tears of joy with your lips curled up in a smile because you never thought you’d ever feel so much love and how stupid were you to think that the last guy was the one when this one is so much more! If that hasn’t happened for you yet, it will. You may have to have a couple more ugly cries before you meet the one who will help you have a happy cry but it will come, one day.

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