Keeping your Jewish lady happy is more than just walking the walk; it’s also talking the talk. We love to hear how we make you happy and that you can’t get enough of us … even if you wish we would just stop bugging you.

The following are seven things you should tell your Jewish girlfriend each day – or frequently, so we don’t suspect that you’re trying to kiss our tushes a little too much. These are the things that will keep her happy because, as they say, happy wife … er, happy girlfriend, happy life.

1. She’s Smart

Yes, please! Tell us we are smart, and don’t just throw the words out randomly. Give us proof. Show us your smarts while you prove to us using researched facts and proof that you truly we believe we are smart. We love when you value our intelligence but even more so, we love when you tell us that you do.

2. She’s Got Chutzpah

Jewish women tend to take risks, go with our gut, lead with our heart and reach our goals. So hearing from you, our favorite guy, that you think we’ve got chutzpah is one of the best compliments we can receive.

3. She’s Hardworking

When we put in the hours and work hard, hearing you acknowledge it makes us really happy. Take that moment to tell us when we are breaking a sweat (either literally or figuratively) that you see and appreciate our efforts.

4. She’s Got An Opinion (And You Want It)

She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and you love her for it. Tell her you value what she thinks and want her to weigh in. It means to much to know that what we think and say matters to you.

5. She’s Sexy And Beautiful

Yes, we want to hear you find us sexually appealing. We may feel bloated, agitated, tired and stressed, but we want to know that in your eyes, we are always beautiful and wanted – even when we’re just sporting our sweats and a messy bun at home.

6. She Puts The Butter On Your Matzo

Is your lady the applesauce on your latke? We want to know that in many ways, we are a part of what makes your life better each day and add a little sparkle to your existence.  Tell us that things are better because we’re around, even when things are really rotten and awful.

7. She’s Liked By Your Parents

It’s no fun thinking that your boyfriend’s mom and dad don’t like you. Whether it’s just dad, just mom or both of them, remind your girlfriend that your parents find her pretty damn awesome. Knowing that we have the thumbs up from your family makes us feel like we really belong in your life, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Looking to keep a smile on your girlfriend’s face? Don’t just assume she knows how much she means to you. Tell her these things regularly and you’ll find that you two can grow closer than ever.

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